Terms of Use for the Client Account

Sec. 1 Scope of these Terms of Use

1.1 These Terms of Use apply to the creation and use of a free Client Account. The Client Account (“Account”) provides a registered User with access to the password-protected section for clients of the www.gulp.de website ("Website"). This section is accessible via the User’s email address and an associated password.

1.2 This Account may provide to a User access to numerous further free and paid functions and services of the Website. As far as these functions and services are not subject to separate terms of use, these Terms of Use apply. Moreover, using this Account the User gets information about the Account and further opportunities for collaboration with GULP as well as information about the project market.

1.3 In addition to these Terms of Use, the General Terms and Conditions of GULP (“GTC”) available under http://www.gulp.de/agb/allgemeine-geschaeftsbedingungen-feb-2012 (german) apply.

1.4 In the case of conflict between these Terms of Use and the GTC, these Terms of Use shall prevail. These Terms of Use are subordinate to other agreements, unless the other agreement declares that these Terms of Use take precedence.

1.5 Deviating terms of the User do not apply, unless GULP expressly agrees to their application in writing.


Sec. 2  Conditions for the Use, Authorization of Use

2.1 Conditions for the use of the services referred to in Sec. 1 include compliance with these Terms of Use, the authorization of use (cf. Sec. 2 Nos. 2.2 to 2.4) and a proper registration (cf. Sec. 3 Nr. 3.1).

2.2 Persons authorized to use an Account

Only entrepreneurs or shareholder-employees, managing directors and employees of companies:

1. who assign company projects in whole or in part directly to freelancers or independent service providers; and

2. who are headquartered in Germany can used an Account.

        2.3 Unauthorized persons not permitted to use an Account

(i) Persons who do not meet the conditions pursuant to Sec. 2 No. 2.2, as well as

(ii) Persons who are active in any way in the placement of staff or projects, even though the conditions under Sec. 2 No. 2.2 are met.

2.4 Missing authorization of use for other reasons. Moreover, a person is not authorized to use an Account, where:

(i) GULP has denied the use of the services designated in Sec. 1; or

(ii) the person is already the user of (another) Account; or

(iii) GULP has, in the past, already locked an Account and has not unlocked this Account.

In such cases, the authorization of use may be gained or regained only following an express written notification from GULP.

2.5 In addition, GULP reserves the right to refuse the Account even if the conditions pursuant to Sec. 2 No. 2.2 are met.


Sec. 3 Registration

3.1 The registration process comprises the following steps:

(i) Complete the registration form. At the start of the registration process, the User is prompted to enter certain data in a registration form. The data entered by the User must be true, complete and current.

(ii) Confirm the registration. At the end of the registration, GULP sends an email to the email address specified by the User. The registration is completed by the User clicking on a confirmation link contained in this email. Accounts that are not activated will be deleted by GULP after 30 days.

3.2 Successful registration. Following a successful registration, the Account is activated. The Account can be used immediately via the email address and the associated password.


Sec. 4 Term and Termination

4.1 The acceptance of these Terms of Use creates an unlimited use agreement, which may be terminated in writing or by email at any time by each party with immediate effect without giving reasons, with statutory rights of termination remaining unaffected.

4.2 A regular termination of the Account is not possible as long as additional services ordered by the User for this Account are active.


Sec. 5 Modification of these Terms of Use

GULP may modify these Terms of Use at any time. Sec. 11 No. 1 Sentence 2 to 5 of the GTC applies accordingly to modifications of these Terms of Use.


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