Custom & vacancy-related favourite lists

You want to bookmark experts with certain skills in specific lists, e.g. for an upcoming vacancy or for permanent / recurring requirements? Would you like to maintain favourite lists together with team members, or support colleagues with a current vacancy? Simply use as many "custom favourite lists" as you like, name them freely, and - if you use the team feature - share your lists with colleagues as needed. "Vacancy-related favourite lists" are generated automatically and serve as short-term support for active vacancies.
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How it works

Add expert to existing favourite list


  • In search results, matching suggestions, expert profiles, etc., the following dialogue will appear when clicking on the favourite icon.
  • You can add a profile to one or multiple existing lists...
Create new custom favourite list


  • ... or create a new list and add the profile there.
Favourite lists overview page - sorted by list type


  • The favourite lists overview page looks like this.
  • Here you can create new lists, delete existing lists and modify the "private" / "shared" status.
  • Favourite lists can be sorted by "list type"...
Favourite lists overview page - sorted by last modified date


  • ... or sorted by "last modified" date.
Favourite list detail view


  • On a favourite list detail page you can rename the list, modify the "private" / "shared" status and delete it.
Vacancy related favourite list - empty


  • Vacancy-related favourite lists live in a separate "Favourites" tab at the corresponding vacancy.
  • As long as the list is empty you will see a short notice.
Vacancy related favourite list with bookmarked expert
  • As soon as experts have been added to the list they can be found in the "Favourites" tab at the corresponding vacancy, as well as via the favourite lists overview page.
  • Vacancy-related favourite lists have less modification options, as most parameters are predefined.
    • List name = vacancy title
    • Status is always 'shared'
    • Cannot be deleted manually - these lists exist as long as the corresponding vacancy is active and will be deleted automatically when closing the vacancy

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