Hourly rate analysis

Your overview of the hourly rates of freelancers in the industry

Do you intend to hire a freelancer, but are unsure about the costs you should expect? Would you like to get a meaningful overview of the hourly rates of freelance experts in the industry, preferably without the effort of extensive research? Just sit back and use our hourly rate analysis tool, which compares all available profiles for the skill you are looking for.
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How it works:

Analyze hourly rate
  • Perform a search for a skill (for example, Java). On the search results page, you will find the "Analyze hourly rate" button in the upper right corner.
Hourly rate analysis result page

On the following page you will find the following important and useful information:

  • General hourly rate average for the searched skill (without restriction by filter)
  • Hourly rate average for the searched skill incl. consideration of all filter options, which you can adjust manually on the left side at any time
  • Bar chart showing the percentage distribution of hourly rates for the skill searched for (without filter)
  • Map with information on the number of available experts as well as the respective hourly rate average per postal code area or country (for A and CH)

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