How to create a vacancy

Find the right experts for your project

When searching for the best expert for your project, you don't want to receive as many applications as possible, but rather matching ones.

Therefore, specify your project description in a clear and meaningful way so that the expert can get a good idea of the offered project and its tasks. This effort will definitely be worthwhile for you, because highly qualified experts are often in such demand that they can choose from the most attractive projects.

Please contact experts only in the context of specific projects. Vague calls for projects and the exchange of experience are not in the interest of the experts.

Please also mind these rules:

  • Make sure you enter meaningful project titles and project roles. They are the "headlines" of your vacancy and draw the attention of qualified experts to your project - or not.
  • Don't list all the skills your ideal freelancer should have, but those that are actually required. Otherwise, the expert may decline because of a lack of knowledge in an area that is not really necessary for the success of your project.
  • Please be sure to enter the desired skills in the must-have and nice-to-have skills. You can add several skills at once if they are separated by a comma. This is the only way we can suggest matching experts for your vacancy.
  • Do not publish contact data or company details in the project description.