Which experts can I find on the freelance platform?

  • On our platform you will find thousands of freelance experts from IT, engineering and life sciences with a wide variety of skills, experiences and positions.

You can find these specialists on our portal:

  • Software Developer, Programmer

  • Cyber security specialists, Data analysts and scientists, Cloud engineers

  • Consultants

  • Trainer 

  • Project Manager 

  • System-Administrator

  • Quality Manager, Tester 

  • Hardware Developer

  • Engineers for IT-related services 

  • Interim Managers

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How much does it cost to hire a freelancer via GULP Direkt?

The registration and use of all features of GULP Direkt is free of charge for you as well as for free experts. You only pay the hourly rate of the expert directly and a service fee to GULP if the order is successful:

Hourly rate of the experts

According to the GULP work-life study, the average hourly rate demanded by freelancers is 98.37 euros. The amount depends on several factors:

  1. Skills and technology skills: Experts with high-demand and/or infrequent skills typically have higher hourly rates.
  2. Proximity to home: Many experts can be deployed flexibly regionally, but prefer to work close to home. In return, you tend to accommodate the clients in the hourly rate. In addition, there are usually no travel and accommodation costs for projects close to home.

GULP service fee

If an expert is hired successfully, you pay a service fee of 7 EUR (11 CHF) per hour worked to GULP. The amount is invoiced monthly on the basis of the hourly report.


The settlement consists of two invoices:

  1. You will receive one invoice directly from the hired expert according to the agreed hourly rate. The expert should provide proof of work performed.
  2. One invoice comes from GULP. We charge 7 EUR (11 CHF) per actually performed hour. Please report the number of hours worked directly in the GULP Direkt system at any hired expert.

How do I find and hire the right expert for my project?

1. Search directly

Search for available experts and add them to your favourites list.

2. Contact directly

Describe your project and get started: contact your own favourites or automatically suggested experts.

3. Receive applications

All you have to do is publish your vacancy.

4. Hire directly

Agree on conditions with the expert, conclude the contract and settle the account.


I have further questions. Who can help me?

For questions like...

  • I have difficulties with the search, no time for it or don't want to manage contracts and invoices myself - can GULP do this for me?
  • Let GULP search for me or use GULP Direkt - which is the right thing for me?
  • I am already a GULP customer - what now?

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