GULP Direkt Quickstart-Guide

Find the right expert in a few steps

Search directly

With the  expert search you can search for matching freelancers. If someone meets your requirements, you can put them on the favourites list in order to find them again at any time.

You can't find a matching expert right away? After you have specified your project, you will automatically be offered expert profiles that match your project under the tab "Matching profiles".

Contact directly

Project description

To contact an expert, you need to create a vacancy. You can always select this vacancy again later if you want to contact more experts. In your own interest, please make sure to enter precise and error-free data here.

Contact experts

You now have three ways to contact experts:

  • From the favourites list.
  • Via the  experten search.
  • Matching profiles. Here, expert profiles are automatically suggested to you that match your project details.

Receive contact details

There are two ways to obtain contact details of experts:

  • An expert agrees to your project request after you have contacted them.
  • An expert applies for one of your projects. The prerequisite is that you publish your vacancy (see "Tip: Receiving applications").

The contact details will not be displayed in the public expert profile and will not be sent out in case a project request is rejected.

Tip: Receiving applications

All you have to do is publish your vacancy. This can be done in two ways:

  • When  creating a new vacancy you can choose to publish the vacancy in the last step.
  • When selecting an existing vacancy in the  vacancies overview you can publish and unpublish it via the corresponding button.

With your published vacancy your company name will not be visible. Your vacancy will be presented to experts as a "GULP Direkt" project.

Hiring experts

You will be notified as soon as an expert has accepted you project proposal. If you then accept the experts application and hire him or her, the expert will be listed under employed experts. You now assign the expert directly.

This is how project management and expert assignment works with GULP Direkt

Publish projects (again) and receive applications

To avoid freelancers applying for a project where you as the client are already in the selection phase, and to save you the effort of having to process too many applications, your project will automatically be unpublished if the following criteria are met:

  • When a project has been publicly visible for 14 days
  • When a project has generated 20 applications

As soon as one of the mentioned cases occurs, you will be informed by e-mail. If you have not found a suitable specialist by then, you can republish the project via the link sent along or directly on our platform.

If your project vacancy is still active after 45 days, we ask you to close it. By closing older project postings, we ensure that no freelancers apply for postings that have already been filled and that our experts always find current projects on our platform. If your vacancy has reached the maximum duration of 45 days and there are no open applications, it will be closed automatically.

Report freelancer (re)engagement and hours worked

As soon as you have found the suitable specialist(s) for the realization of your project, simply click on "Assign" in the application. This way, not only the expert but also GULP will be informed about the successful placement. The monthly hours worked by the freelancer you enter directly under "Employed experts". If there are changes in the actual hours worked, these can be communicated by mail to

Since GULP is entitled to commission for a further 12 months after commissioning or contacting experts, we will inquire after the expiry of this period whether the freelancer has been (re-)employed. In order to report the employment status, you will automatically receive a link by mail to create and submit the employment report.

Please note that according to §6 para. 5 of the GULP Direkt Terms and Conditions you are obliged to submit deployment reports.