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Agile transformation - program management - coaching
Lean six-Sigma
Scrum Master
Agile Coach
Agile Softwareentwicklung
agiles Projektmanagement
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Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz


8 Monate
2023-01 - 2023-08

Agile Transformation (stakeholders, IT team, management) for Allianz Reinsurrance Area

Agile Coach Agile - Safe / Spotify / Scrum - Kanban - Jira / Confluence Coaching
Agile Coach

Scope : Re-insurance business ? import of internal or external insured portfolios, running risks scenario and exposures risks (business needs, requirements, IT development, UAT)

Mission: Implementing a scaled framework (Safe, spotify) and agile best practices in the whole CTA organisation (business needs identification and ranking, requirements management, scrum team, run team, architecture, UAT) based in Germany ? India ? Bosnia ? Hungary and serving OE worldwide.

  • Creating a centralized and collaborative repository for release candidate subjects involves:
    • Streamlining and harmonizing the identification and prioritization of business needs.
    • Facilitating the identification and ranking of non-functional requirements, including infrastructure, run team needs, and technical evolution.
    • Implementing ceremonies to align on the overall ranking per release.
  • Implementing a Product Increment process and establishing a shared monitoring tool (Obeya room) for PI planning, releases, sprints, and quality tracking.
  • Shifting from teams centered around IT components to squads that are architecture-agnostic,
  • Scaling the ceremonies (PI planning, retrospective, early architecture involvement) and facilitate them,
  • Implementing best practices for processes, workflows, and releases, and configuring Jira and Confluence to uphold and promote standardization.
  • Providing coaching services for management, Scrum Masters, and subject matter experts.
  • Know-how transfer to the services managers, scrum masters and management.
PI planning Obeya room Agile Softwareentwicklung Scrum Master Atlassian JIRA Agile Kahoot# Safe and Spotify models Versicherungsbranche Coaching Trainer
Agile - Safe / Spotify / Scrum - Kanban - Jira / Confluence Coaching
CTA Allianz
München & Remote
4 Jahre 6 Monate
2018-06 - 2022-11

Agile coach - Scrum master - Insurance Agile Transformation and growth

Agile coach Srum - Agile - Safe Versicherungsbranche spotify ...
Agile coach

Scope: Creation of a for European Business Units, comprising multiple web portals, a core system, and new interfaces integrated with a consolidated finance-accounting system, APIs, and local partner solutions. Additionally, addressing local requirements and undertaking the development of new business activities

In my role as an and Scrum Master, I led the for 25 IT teams spread across various remote locations, including Austria, Spain, India, Germany, Poland, and France. This involved working with diverse technologies and providing . Additionally, I initiated the establishment of for Jira ? confluence and for Scrum Masters and implemented a .

Furthermore, I facilitated and streamlined collaboration with the and (test automation, batch deployment, code quality, security, architecture group).

The (workflows and usage rules), coupled with the development of integration tests and automated testing, resulted in a tangible increase in productivity and quality.

also facilitated the entire organization's transition from micro-management to a more open,

include supporting a substantial growth in resources and sub-projects within the platform, promoting day-to-day collaboration among diverse stakeholders, and reducing the time to market for new features.

Srum - Agile - Safe Versicherungsbranche spotify Atlassian JIRA Agile Kahoot
Allianz IT
Wien - Paris - München - Remote
10 Monate
2017-05 - 2018-02

Development of an Extranet Web Software focusing on real estate credit and insurance, encompassing a content management system and interfaces with the banking core system.

Project Manager / Scrum Master (20 FTE) - Business Analyst ? Test Manager Banking Scrum Java ...
Project Manager / Scrum Master (20 FTE) - Business Analyst ? Test Manager

Upon assuming the role of project lead, I undertook a comprehensive organizational restructuring to enhance the speed and quality of development deliveries while maintaining control over costs and deadlines, particularly during the pilot and go-live phases. Key responsibilities included:

  • Coordinating efforts among the product owner, three external IT companies, internal IT teams, marketing, sales, and back-office teams, and overseeing the overall planning for the pilot phase and go-live.
  • Adjusting business requirements, including user stories and backlog, and improving the IT architecture.
  • Managing data migration, overseeing testing processes, and facilitating User Acceptance Testing (UAT) until the project's successful go-live.

Banking Software agiles Projektmanagement SDLC Scrum Product Owner Website CRM Scrum Master
Banking Scrum Java Migration Acceptance Test
Hanseatic Bank
4 Monate
2017-01 - 2017-04

Global IT Architecture and Methodologies for a startup in digital marketing

Consultancy - Architect - Product owner - Agile Fachkonzept Design-Konzept Architekt ...
Consultancy - Architect - Product owner - Agile

In line with planned business initiatives, I crafted the comprehensive IT architecture for the company's core activities, covering infrastructure, hosting, security, API, and software landscape. Additionally, I outlined the requirements, including user stories and processes, for smartphones, middleware, and back-end apps. I assumed responsibility for defining the testing strategy and conceptualizing databases and service layers.


Furthermore, I provided guidance to the board of directors on business models, business plans, and process design. I played a pivotal role in advising on the recruitment of developer teams, contributing to strategic decision-making.
C2B business develpment Marketing
Fachkonzept Design-Konzept Architekt Scrum Master Scrum Product Owner Board of directors
France - Remote
1 Jahr 10 Monate
2015-03 - 2016-12

Santander Bank: overhaul of end-to-end vehicle wholesale activities

Project Management & Business Analyst ? Scrum Master (45 FTE) Atlassian JIRA Agile Atlassian Confluence Scrum Master ...
Project Management & Business Analyst ? Scrum Master (45 FTE)

Orchestrating a comprehensive overhaul of end-to-end vehicle wholesale activities and streamlining existing mainframe platforms was the focal point of my responsibilities as the project leader. I took the lead in implementing all front and middleware applications, overseeing various key tasks:

  • Coordinating 12 internal and external IT teams, architects, and production teams across Germany and Spain.
  • Introducing Scrum methodology for multiple sub-projects, overseeing the overall project plan, including milestones, resources, and budget, and synchronizing release content.
  • Leading the test strategy, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and data migration efforts.
  • Refining User Stories, ensuring coherence among all software requirements, and managing backlogs/sprints.
  • Regularly aligning with the Business Owner on solutions or Proof of Concept (POC) proposals from the teams, ensuring alignment and reporting to IT management.

Scope: management of Volvo Germany car warranty products (insurance, warranty, tires, and taxes) through the implementation of a web-based platform developed mostly by an external IT team.

Taking the reins of the project, I demonstrated adept leadership by guiding it seamlessly through the entire project cycle, adhering to the original budget and planning milestones.
Banking Software Scrum Master Projektleitung Migration Changemanagement
Atlassian JIRA Agile Atlassian Confluence Scrum Master UML REST SOAP HP ALM IBM AS/400 Linux Angular Java
Santander Bank
3 Monate
2014-10 - 2014-12

Santander Bank: gap analysis in internal controlling and risk management areas:

Berater MaRisk ? Intern Controlling ? Processes Management
Berater MaRisk ? Intern Controlling ? Processes Management

Scope: running a gap analysis in internal controlling and risk management areas:

  • between BaFin (D) and ACPR (F) requirements,
  • between existing organisations, tools, processes and procedures of Santander Bank and PSA Bank.
Banking/Finance BaFin Gap-Analyse Sox 404 Beratung
3 Monate
2014-08 - 2014-10

Opteven Assurance: compliance interne process vs. BaFin - Process improvement

Consultant ? Business Analyst Process - Bafin - Compliance / Improvements BaFin Versicherungsbranche Intern revision ...
Consultant ? Business Analyst Process - Bafin - Compliance / Improvements

I spearheaded the comprehensive definition, implementation, and documentation of end-to-end processes and procedures?from front to back, including accounting, internal control, as well as financial and legal reporting. This initiative aligned with BaFin-MaRisk requirements for the Used Car Warranty product across multiple countries, including France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.

Concurrently, I conducted an in-depth analysis of 15 processes and 45 procedures, identifying areas for improvement and potential risks in alignment with risk and reliability criteria. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, I successfully orchestrated seven action plans, addressing weaknesses and seizing quick wins with the IT Team. The outcomes were meticulously documented, with further insights captured in a comprehensive white paper.
BaFin Process Chains IT-Compliance Versicherungsbranche
BaFin Versicherungsbranche Intern revision Process Management Process monitoring and improvement
Opteven Assurance
Lyon - Remote
10 Monate
2012-03 - 2012-12

VW Bank / leasing: replacement of dearler POS, as well as the middleware applications (scoring, acceptance, documents, ....)

Program coordination - Project leads Program - Project Management (Prince 2 Scrum Migration ...
Program coordination - Project leads

Replacement of dealership?s middle as well as the Digital Asset Management () application and all interfaces with internal (SAP, BI) and external software.  

My main responsibilities were:

  • to lead the internal project committee (Business ? IT), preparation of the Steering Committee,
  • the supervision and coordination of the developments (3 external teams in 5 countries, internal German and French teams) and the software integration,
  • to supervise the data migration incl. Documents managements, and UATs,

to lead the change management for all departments in accordance with program planning (Scrum / Prince 2).
Leasing Bank POS DAM Migration
Program - Project Management (Prince 2 Scrum Migration ALD Lease Finanz DAM
VW Bank France
8 Monate
2011-08 - 2012-03

Business & IT Continuity Plan (BAP ? CIT) ?Process Management ? KPI

Consultancy Business & IT Continuity Plan Insurrance BaFin

In close cooperation with Stakeholders and Board, I analysed all workflows and summarized them into 15processes maps and 52 procedures as a By challenging thisdescription of the continuity of operations (IT, call centres, accounting, CRM, claims management) I could generate for each process a risks and mitigation matrix.

At once we defined and ran action plans to improve current back-office activities and IT department.
Insurance - IT architecture and security - Bafin - Continuity plan
Business & IT Continuity Plan Insurrance BaFin
Opteven Assurance
Lyon & Remote
1 Jahr 5 Monate
2010-08 - 2011-12

Insurrance Subsidiary building ? Reporting, Process, Organisation, Risk

Consultancy? Program manager - Business Analyst Insurrance Legal
Consultancy? Program manager - Business Analyst

Scope: building an insurance branch under - regulation, for Volkswagen Financial Services in relation with Volkswagen Bank France, VWFSAG Germany and French authorities like ACP, Chamber of Commerce, Taxes? & Fiscal?s authorities.

Acting as single point of contact between all involved companies, I lead the , the definition of a and the selection of a partner for managing the operations and the subsidiary. After the contract closing phase, I coordinated the E2E processes definition and implementation and all IT software enhancements (Portfolio Management, KYC, Claims, risks and reporting).
Versicherungsbranche Compliance Prozessentwicklung BaFin
Insurrance Legal
VW Finanz AG
Braunschweig - Paris - Lyon
8 Monate
2008-04 - 2008-11

Bank processes reingeniering (Lean - Six-Sigma)

Project Lead - Trainer - Coach Lean Management Six Sigma Black Belt IPMA ...
Project Lead - Trainer - Coach
  • Management and coaching for several processes reengineering and internal projects using Six-Sigma-Lean methodology.
  • Building and implementing reporting for departments? KPI.
Banking/Finance Bankbuchhaltung Process Chains
Lean Management Six Sigma Black Belt IPMA Banking/Finance
BAWAG & PSK Austria
10 Monate
2008-02 - 2008-11

Company in DYI building and development in Romania

Investor und Consultancy Bank DIY Company building
Investor und Consultancy
Involved in the creation of the company (Do It Yourself ? 4.500 sqm shop ? 140 employees) and member of the board, I supervised the IT implementation, participated in the negotiations with banks and provided training and coaching for the sales? forces and stock managers.
DYI Company building IT Architectures Board of Investors
Bank DIY Company building
Bricoplus Distribution
Pitesti - Bucatest - Wien
3 Monate
2008-01 - 2008-03

Used Car program - Chrysler

Consultancy - train the trainers Car market Train the trainer Leasing - credit
Consultancy - train the trainers

Scope: review of the existing Chrysler Used-car Program (products, reporting, branding, POS communication, stock management, sales? and purchase tools and processes). My main responsibilities were to

  • run audits at dealerships in Germany ? Italy and Austria, delivering several improvements action?s plan.
  • deliver supports and training for the areas managers in Germany,
  • define and implement a reporting tool for European HQ and local subsidiaries.

Used Car
Car market Train the trainer Leasing - credit
Chrysler Europe
Deutschland - Italy - France
3 Monate
2007-05 - 2007-07

Leasing company: audit and improve vehicles residual value estimation and remarketing

Consultant Leasing - used car market - accounting
Processes audit for residual value management and cars? remarketing.
Leasing - residual value - remarketing
Leasing - used car market - accounting
Kofis Leasing
2 Jahre
2004-07 - 2006-06

Six Sigma Strategy & Process Manager ? Project Coaching (50 FTE)

Six Sigma development in all Leasing companies Leasing Six-Sigma BPM ...
Six Sigma development in all Leasing companies

My main responsibility was to implement the 6-Sigma methodology within all leasing companies in Central & East Europe (17 countries) with focus on productivity & efficiency and establishing a customer-oriented culture.

After the on-boarding phase with local board members and training for key-employees I could

  • streamline and standardized targeted processes (25% up to 75% TTY reduction, up to 33% efficiency increase)
  • launch and coach local Six-Sigma Projects (reengineering of processes or creating new activities or products).

Leasing Six-Sigma
Leasing Six-Sigma BPM Changemanagement
Raiffeisen Leasing Int.
Wien - Bucarest - Warsaw - Budapest - Bratislava
1 Jahr 8 Monate
2002-11 - 2004-06

Developing local cooperations with financial institutions or banks

International Manager Bankbuchhaltung Banking/Finance Car market ...
International Manager

By developing local cooperations with financial institutions or banks I provided the importers Renault ? Dacia ? Nissan - Samsung (Slovenia, Croatia and Algeria) credit, leasing and insurance solution for their final customers.

I evaluated and/or created new subsidiaries of RCI Banque in Morocco and Slovenia.

I oversaw existing businesses and facilitated relations between the Romanian and Brazilian subsidiaries and HQ in Paris (refinancing, controlling, risk policies, budget and plan, supervisory board).

  • Market survey and work on product definition for fleet management (Central Europe).
  • Carrying out market surveys regarding Serbia and Algeria.

Banking/Finance Leasing Aufsichtrat
Bankbuchhaltung Banking/Finance Car market international Rollout
RCI Banque
Paris - Brazil - Rumania - Algeria - Marocco - Croatia - Slovenia - Serbia
3 Jahre 11 Monate
1999-01 - 2002-11

Develop and structure Leasing activity in Poland, implement stock financing for car dealers

Direktor der Händlerfinanzierung -/der Risk Management - und IT Banking/Finance Leasing Wholesale ...
Direktor der Händlerfinanzierung -/der Risk Management - und IT

Implementing of a creative stock-financing solution for Renault Dealerships in cooperation with Fortis Bank:

  • Business model and product definition in compliance with holding guidelines, local legal requirements and market expectations,
  • setting up IT solutions in cooperation with external and internal providers,
  • setting up and managing a risk & securities management department,

Setting up and managing department in charge of soft and hard collection for leasing and fleet financing.

Setting up and managing IT department and its coordination with holding IT.

Pre-Analyse for Bank Licence acquisition as well as evaluation of purchasing local bank.
Leasing - Risk - Refinancing - Budget - Stock financing - Wholesale
Banking/Finance Leasing Wholesale IT Architectures Teamleading Programmmanagement
RCI Polska
Poland - Warsaw

Aus- und Weiterbildung


  • Certified Supervisory Expert Zertifizierung


02/2013 ? 03/2013

  • Training ?Aufsichtsrat und Stiftungsvorstand?(Certified Supervisory Expert training) - Incite GmbH Wien


05/2005 ? 09/2005

  • DMADV Training in Bukarest - Durchgeführt von ABB Österreich
  • Methodologie um neue Produkte oder Aktivitäten zu definieren und umzusetzen


10/2004 ? 03/2005

  • Black Belt Training in Wien
  • Hauptfächer: Six-Sigma Methodologie, Projektmanagement
  • Nebenfächer: soft skills, Prozessmanagement, Finanzanalyse


09/2001 ? 11/2001

  • Management & strategy in international environment
  • Durchgeführt von der Ecole de Management de Lyon
  • Spezialausbildung für High Potential Manager von Renault
  • Hauptfächer: Marktanalyse, Personal Management Entwicklung
  • Nebenfächer: Strategie


02/1999 ? 04/1999

  • Management & Economy
  • Durchgeführt von ESSEC Paris
  • Spezialausbildung für High Potential Manager von Renault    
  • Hauptfächer: Leiten eines Unternehmens ? Mittel, Zugang
  • Nebenfächer: Beeinflussung von Entscheidungen, Networking


09/1985 ? 06/1990

  • Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon
  • Abschluss als Ingenieur Grande Ecole (Diplom-Ingenieur)
  • Hauptfächer: IT, Organisation, Projektmanagement, Mathematik, Physik
  • Nebenfächer: Statistik, Chemie, Mechanik 

09/1982 ? 06/1985

  • Lycée Cuvier ? Montbéliard (F)
  • Abschluss mit summa cum laude
  • Hauptfächer: Mathematik, Physik
  • Nebenfächer: Statistik, Chemie, Mechanik


Beratung / Consulting
Programm- Projekt-Management (Waterfall / Scrum) - Organisation / SPOC - Product Owner
Agile Transformation - Coaching / Schulung 
Business Analyse - Process Management 
Qualitätsmanagement / Qualitätssicherung / Test



Agile transformation - program management - coaching Lean six-Sigma Scrum Master Agile Coach Agile Softwareentwicklung SAFe process agiles Projektmanagement Programmmanagement Trainer


Budget Herstellen
Business Analyst (Requirement - Business cases)
Jira - Confluence - ALM
Konzeption (Datenbank - Workflows)
Program und Project Management
Scrum - Jira - Confluence ALM - Test cases & user stories
Scrum Master
Viel Praxis


Business Analyst
(requirements for marketing, sales regulations, workflows, data analysis)
Firmen Gründung
Intern Revision
Organisation transformation
Proactive work-style
Programm, Projekt, Change und Prozess Management
Scrum / Agile
Black Belt

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

Atlassian Confluence
Atlassian JIRA
Atlassian JIRA AgileKenntnisse
Basel II - KYC
Budget - Plan
Business Development / Firmen Gründung
Continuous Integration
HP Quality Center
Intern Controlling
IT Architecture
MS-Excel & Makro
PowerPoint - Word - Visio
Process Management
Projekt Life-Cycle
Prozess Management
Rest Services und API
Risiko Management
Six-Sigma Black Belt
Sox 404
UML - Architektur
user stories

Emphasizing a proactive and collaborative work approach, I swiftly adapt to new challenges. As a dedicated principal consultant, I utilize my robust analytical and organizational skills to attain predefined objectives. Critical success factors for me involve nurturing team development and actively engaging across the organization to pinpoint optimal compromises and instil a culture of efficient change.

Throughout the mission, my ability for abstraction and synthesis enables me to refine and elevate the vision tied to the objectives by consistently integrating feedback and ideas from both teams and top management (C-Level - Board). I ensure frequent sharing of this vision. As an advocate of transparency, I place particular emphasis on fostering a way of working based on trust and cross-functional collaboration, relying on a shared set of rules to facilitate prompt responsiveness to evolving changes.

With over 30 years of experience in , leasing, and firms, I specialize in and project , also serving as an or . My track record showcases outstanding achievements in and settings:

  • A three-decade track record with projects ranging up to a budget of 40 M, involving up to 350 team members, utilizing both waterfall and Scrum/Agile methodologies.
  • Six-Sigma and Lean experiences provide me with a profound understanding of process management and KPI, enriching my soft skills and capacity to challenge the existing while driving change effectively.
  • Successfully executed projects in diverse locations, including France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Romania, Morocco, Italy, Sweden, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Armenia, collaborating with IT teams spread across the globe.

creation of or branches, and projects? organisation, processes management (BaFin MaRisk ? Sox 404), as well as , data mapping, migration, and tests? ? UAT management.

My previous experiences empower me with a comprehensive grasp of the project and transformation life cycle. This includes aligning objectives with managers, identifying needs and necessary changes, collaborating with development teams, overseeing testing, acceptance, and releases, as well as facilitating the seamless handover to production and ongoing assistance to end-users.

In the realm of guidance and steering, my preference is to consistently improve the tools and structures already in place by incorporating best practices from various methodologies (waterfall, agile, lean).

Excellent IT Background  (Dipl. Ing. IT INSA Lyon, France), enriched by 30 years of experiences in and environment, and new technologies affinity (Java ? PHP - C++ - Angular - Spring, Oracle ? DB2 ? MariaDB, API ? continuous integration, Jira ? Confluence ? Jenkins ? Bamboo - Miro) as well as the full scope of testing.

Languages: French (native), German (fluent), English (fluent), Polish (advanced), Spanish (basic).



  • Sport:  badminton (competition ? Austrian National Senior Team), beach Volley-ball, ski
  • Music: playing guitar (South American, classic)
  • Dancing: Gold Star advanced
  • Other: general semantic, ethic


Asynchronous JavaScript and XML


Access - SQL
Oracle - MS SQL Server - MariaDB


IBM AS/400

Managementerfahrung in Unternehmen

Srum - Agile - Safe


  • Bank
  • Leasing
  • Finanzinstitut
  • Versicherung Gesellschaft
  • Automotive
  • DIY

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