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Project manager
Integration and Acceptance Testing
5G Campus
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Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

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Weitere Länder: Vietnam, Singapur, Malaysia, Thailand, England, Österreich



4 Monate
2023-06 - heute

Energy Efficiency and applications for industry 4.0 in a 5G Campus Network with ORAN (Open RAN) Technology

5G Project Manager
5G Project Manager
  • Lead project and several teams to establish the 5G Campus Networks with ORAN at Keysight in Böblingen for energy consumption optimisation and integration and testing use cases, applications for industry 4.0
  • Analyse requirements, budget, use cases and RAN planning
  • Design, create and manage RFI/RfQ to select 5G Campus network Vendor and system integrator
  • Deploy APPs in ORAN RIC infrastructure to optimize energy consumption
  • Run, Investigate, analyse strategy of energy consumption optimisation and result evaluation
  • Analyse and test applications, use cases for Industry 4.0 in m5G campus network
  • Fault, risk and Budget management
on request
6 Monate
2022-12 - 2023-05

various projects

5G Project Manager
5G Project Manager
Lead 3 projects
  • Lead project OTA (Over The Air) to update and switch millions of old Telefonica SIM-profiles to new 1&1 SIMprofiles using OTA-Interface
  • Lead project ?5G tariff mapping? to map old wholesale tariffs of Telefonica to new 5G tariffs of 1&1
  • Lead project FUT (Friendly User Trial) to verify the basic functionalities of new 1&1-5G-Mobile-Network with friendly users
  • Project, Budget, Fault and Risk management
United Internet (1und1)
2 Jahre 7 Monate
2020-05 - 2022-11

build a reference mobile network

technical project manager T
technical project manager T
build a reference mobile network with virtual EPC, RAN, OSS and connections to all partner systems
  • Lead teams from Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson to build a reference test infrastructure with all network elements: vEPC (MME/SGSN, PGW), RAN, OSS, MSS, HSS, cAAA, Charging system, OCS, PCRF, IMS, interception
  • Work as product owner and scrum master for this project
  • Moderate all workshops and meetings (in German and English)
  • Represent 5G concept to Deutsche Telekom team
  • Project plan, define tasks, action points and track all project activities
  • Audit High Level Design (HLD), Low Level Design (LLD), CIQ, concept and test plan
  • Lead both teams to install HW, NFVI, onboarding the applications
  • Lead test team to execute acceptance test and fault management
  • Check, monitor and report project progess
  • Support rollout activities of virtual EPC to live networks of Deutsche Telekom
  • Lead teams to build test infrastructure for this project with remote access
  • Project was managed due to Covid regulation from Deutsche Telekom since 2020 almost 100% from remote (working from home office)
  • For remote project management Sharepoint, Webex, Microsoft Team were used
  • All project members also work from home and from many different national and international locations (Bonn, Nürnberg, Aachen, India)

Deutsche Telekom AG
Bonn (Germany)
2 Jahre 4 Monate
2018-01 - 2020-04

various projects

Technical project leader
Technical project leader

Load and performance test of virtual MME/SGSN in Deutsche Telekom live network
  • Lead teams from Deutsche Telekom, Exfo and Affirmed Network to design E2E concept and solution
  • Lead teams to build up the test infrastructure with Huawei RAN and Core Network from Affirmed Network
  • Moderate meetings and workshop
  • Lead teams to execute test, trouble shooting and result & root cause analysis
  • Project and fault management

Testing 5G-tariff in Deutsche Telekom live network
  • Lead teams from Deutsche Telekom and Huawei to design E2E concept and solution
  • Project plan for implementation, testing, pilot and roll out
  • Project management, fault and risk management

Deutsche Telekom AG
Bonn (Germany)
1 Jahr
2017-01 - 2017-12

Performance test and optimization of virtual EPC and NFVI

Technical project manager and solution designer
Technical project manager and solution designer
  • Design solution, concept for performance test and optimization of virtal EPC for different services (VoLTE, mobile internet, hybrid access, IoT)
  • Introduce and moderate solution and concept at expert workshop with vendor of virtual EPC and traffic load generator
  • Lead RfI/ RfQ project to select vendor for load generator and vendor for virtual EPC
  • Lead 4 teams : Deutsch Telekom team, responsible for planning, design, installation of NFVI, Affirmed Networks team, responsible for virtual ePC, Exfo team, responsible for traffic load generator (LTE-internet, Hybrid Access, VoLTE) and DT lab team to build up test environment in lab, to execute test cases and result evaluation
  • Define work packages for vendors Affirmed Networks and Exfo according to project phases
  • Design test scenarios, test cases for the project
  • Project management, fault management and report
  • Expert consuting other international devision of Telekom regarding performance test for virtual EPC and NFVI optimization
Deutsche Telekom AG
Bonn (Germany)
1 Jahr 1 Monat
2016-01 - 2017-01

ePC-CE swap, solution design for EPC live network, virtual EPC ? integration, VoLTE

Technical project manager
Technical project manager
  • Technical Project Leader (TPM) for migration of ePC-CE (Customer Edge Router for ePC network) in live and lab network
  • Solution design for project ?regionalisation of ePC ? network infrastructure? for Hybrid Access and VoLTE
  • Represent concept at expert workshop with vendor Huawei and Deutsche Telekom, lead technical discussion
  • Coordinate specific requirements for RfQ of virtual EPC
  • Support test activity for project NB-IoT
Deutsche Telekom AG
Bonn (Germany)
7 Monate
2015-06 - 2015-12

Customer project

Senior consultant
Senior consultant
  • Consulting, design and coordinate Gigabit lease line connectivities to BMW data center, test activities of M2Mapplications over this lease line
  • Design, planning and coordination APN migration in live network of Deutsche Telekom for BMW customer
Deutsche Telekom AG
Bonn (Germany)
5 Monate
2015-01 - 2015-05

Project - expert consulting for virtual ePC lab trial

  • Review and comment PoC of vendor?s solution for virtual EPC
  • Review and comment test cases for PoC
  • Support preparation for lab trial
  • Support and coordinate test ativities with vendor
  • Perform End2End Testing with experts from vendors, support trouble shooting, trace analysis
  • Evaluation test results and solution
Deutsche Telekom AG
Bonn (Germany)
8 Monate
2014-05 - 2014-12

Service integration VoLTE/ IMS

Technical Project Manager
Technical Project Manager
  • Lead a team for service integration of VoLTE/ IMS for customer Deutsche Telekom in Bonn (Germany)
  • Define, plan test cases, mile stones
  • Support and coordinate test ativities for service integration, resolve blocking issues
  • Project management, monitoring, reporting and fault management
  • Support End2End - lab test and live network for VoLTE/ IMS
  • Support Operation of Deutsche Telekom for commercial roll out of VoLTE/ IMS
Deutsche Telekom AG
Bonn (Germany)
1 Jahr 3 Monate
2013-02 - 2014-04

system engineering department for LTE packet core

Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
  • System verification and technical release test LTE core network, EndtoEnd VoLTE
  • Design, review, finalize detailed test solutions for release PS10, PS11 acceptance test
  • Planning, preparation test infrastructure, coordination test activities
  • System test and verification of LTE Core Network release PS10, PS11
  • Integration test for VoLTE, CSFB, SRVCC with interface to IMS from Ericsson, various types of handover and roaming cases
  • Integration test for dual-stack IPv4IPv6 in GGSN with PS test calls for IPv4, IPv6 traffic
  • Integration test for charging, check for correctness of CDR records in SGSN and GGSN for different call scenarios and subscriber profiles
  • Test overload detection and protection for interfaces Gx/ Gy/ cAAA
  • Integration Diameter Routing for Core Network GGSN  with DRA (Diameter Routing Agent) and OCS (Online Charging System) 
Deutsche Telekom AG
Bonn (Germany)
8 Monate
2012-06 - 2013-01

professional services

Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
  • Senior consultant for mobile network infrastructure
  • Create workflow and methodology to deploy MME, SGSN, GGSN
  • Configuration, End2End system verification of LTE network, trouble shooting and fault tracking
  • Support technical demo and trial at customer?s sites
  • Investigation in concept and solution for WiFi-Offload
Juniper Network
9 Monate
2011-09 - 2012-05

BSS and OSS- integration

Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
  • OSS and BSS system integration at Alcatel Lucent in Stuttgart
  • Plan, configuration and build up LTE test platform in testbed
  • System integration OSS, BSS
Alcatel - Lucent
Stuttgart (Germany)
4 Monate
2011-06 - 2011-09

machine-to-machine (M2M)

Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
  • Design and system integration for project ?machine-tomachine? (M2M)
  • System design, system integration, pilot support for project machine-to-machine (M2M) with the network elements GGSN, SGSN, AAA, M2M-platform
  • Design test cases and test scenarios for M2M-show case
  • Implement IPSEC tunnels for this project, test IPSEC connectivity, function and fault management
  • Design data for VPN over the IPSEC tunnel
  • Perform test cases, analyse traces, trouble shooting, fault report management
  • IOT, End2End verification test between the network elements and mobile devices to ensure M2M functionality
Deutsche Telekom AG
9 Monate
2010-09 - 2011-05

IP reverse Charging

Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
  • Senior consultant for System Integration of project "IP reverse Charging"
  • Design test cases and test scenario based on detailed design
  • Commissioning planning data of GGSN, execute test cases, troubles shooting GGSN, SGSN, cAAA, PCRF, OCS/RE using protocol analyser, Huawei LMT, UNIX platform
  • Analyse traces (WireShark, GX, GY, Radius, IU interfaces), trouble shooting, fault report management
  • IOT (InterOperability Test) between the network elements GGSN, SGSN, cAAA, PCRF, OCS
  • Design alarm handling concept, instruction guide for trouble shooting and ad-hoc measure for IP reverse charging project
  • Support product design, product test and marketing
  • IPv6 Impact analysis for Mobile Network, Core Network, PSTN, IPv4 optimisation
Deutsche Telekom AG
Bonn (Germany)
1 Jahr 5 Monate
2009-04 - 2010-08

various projects

Senior Consultant, project leader for integration UMTS and MBH (Mobile Back Haul)
Senior Consultant, project leader for integration UMTS and MBH (Mobile Back Haul)
MBH technical release test

Role: Project leader 

  • Lead teams of ALNS and Ericsson to perform Technical Release Test for MBH ? Project from ordering customer EPLUS
  • Single point of contact for customer Eplus
  • Test and evaluate test results of vendor?s demo and trials
  • Coordinate installation team to build up IP-MBH test system in testbed
  • Design, review and finalize acceptance test cases
  • IOT between the UTRAN-network elements over IP-MBH cloud
  • Trouble shooting, fault management, failure escalation, configuration and SW - release management
  • Manage progress with weekly status report and necessary escalation

Technical Release Test of UTRAN 

Role: ZTE and NSN

  • Perform various End2End test (CS, PS, HSDPA, HSUPA, Mobility Management, all kind of handovers) to verify requested features and system performance
  • Coordinate HW test RNC, BSS and OSS from ZTE
  • IOT (Inter Operability Test) between Handset, BSS, RNC, CN (Air-, IUB-, IU-Interfaces, protocol: RRM, NBAP, ALCAP, RANAP)
  • Trouble shooting, fault management, failure escalation, configuration and SW - release management
  • Manage progress with weekly status report and necessary escalation
  • Fault management
ALNS, Eplus
Düsseldorf (Germany)
6 Jahre 11 Monate
2002-02 - 2008-12

UMTS OSS system integration

Senior Consultant, team leader
Senior Consultant, team leader
  • Lead team for system test and system integration for UMTS infrastructure with network elements OSS, OMC, RNC, BSS, MSC, SGSN, MGW, GGSN, ATM-Switch
  • Create and define test cases according FRS (Feature Request Sheet) and customer requirement
  • Integration, test and fault management of ATM-transport feature for Iu, Iub interfaces
  • Support TAC activities
  • Support System Engineering. Deliver result of key performance indicator on demand
  • Provide customer documents, release notes, operation hints and restrictions

Aus- und Weiterbildung

1 Monat
2018-11 - 2018-11

PRINCE2® Foundation in Project Management

1 Monat
2013-02 - 2013-02

IMS architecture & SIP protocol

INACON GmbH, Germany
INACON GmbH, Germany
1 Monat
2012-11 - 2012-11

JNCIA, MBH, Hand on training LTE-ePC (MME/ SGSN/ P-GW/S-GW)

Juniper Lab
Juniper Lab
1 Monat
2011-11 - 2011-11

LTE evolved Packet Core

University Alcatel Lucent
University Alcatel Lucent
1 Monat
2011-06 - 2011-06

LTE End2End Design and Signaling

Sanchar GmbH
Sanchar GmbH
1 Monat
2010-11 - 2010-11


  • Web Training CCNA, CCNP Cisco
  • Implementing Ipv6
1 Monat
2010-10 - 2010-10


ZTE UTRAN at ZTE University
ZTE UTRAN at ZTE University
  • Tellabs 8600 Managed Edge System (IPRAN router)
  • Tellabs Training Center
6 Jahre 1 Monat
2002-08 - 2008-08


6 Jahre 1 Monat
2002-08 - 2008-08

SAE, Long Term Evolution (LTE)

INACON GmbH, Germany
INACON GmbH, Germany
3 Jahre 1 Monat
1989-04 - 1992-04


Alcatel Training Centre
Alcatel Training Centre
  • System 12
  • MSC
  • PSTN
  • Call processing
  • IP-World
  • Unix
  • Pearl
  • SW-product life cycle
  • System Integration
  • SW development method
7 Jahre
1981-10 - 1988-09

Study - Telecommunication Technologies

Master for information technologies, University Stuttgart (Germany)
Master for information technologies
University Stuttgart (Germany)
4 Jahre 10 Monate
1976-09 - 1981-06


High school in Germany
High school in Germany
1 Jahr
1975-04 - 1976-03

School education

High school, USA
High school, USA
9 Jahre 3 Monate
1966-01 - 1975-03

School education

High school, Vietnam
High school, Vietnam



Project manager Integration and Acceptance Testing 5G 5G 5G Campus

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

  • More than 32 years of working experiences in telecommunications business for different blue chips companies in national and international projects in Germany, USA, Indonesia, India
  • More than 19 years in position of project manager, senior consultant, trusted advisor, team and test manager (with PRINCE 2, ITIL, TOGAF, SCRUM) for mobile communications 2G/ 3G/ 4G, 5G
  • Technical focus on mobile technologies in 4G, 5G, 5G private campus Network, MVNO, BSS, OSS, EPC, virtual ePC, IMS, VoLTE (Voice Core), VoIP, mobile internet, Virtualisation, cloud technology, M2M, IP-networks, IoT, 5G -Core Network and 5G-ORAN


MVS, OS/390
SUN OS, Solaris
Windows CE






Internet, Intranet
LAN, LAN Manager
Message Queuing
Public Networks
Windows Netzwerk
X.400 X.25 X.225 X.75...


Ascii/X - Terminals
embedded Systeme
WireShark, Agilent, Ethernet tester JDSU MTS 8000, 6000, Smart Class, ATM tester Aurora Forth
RNC (Radio Access Network) und NodeB


  • Telekommunikation Operator
  • Telecommunication Vendor
  • Data House
  • IP-Network
  • IT

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