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3 Jahre 2 Monate
2020-10 - heute

Cloud Infrastructure and Security Automation Project

Senior DevSecOps Engineer AWS Terraform Kubernetes ...
Senior DevSecOps Engineer
  • Designed and built from scratch AWS environments for dev, staging and prod using Terraform.
  • Configured CircleCI pipelines for Docker build and Terraform deployment automation.
  • Scripting with Python (boto3), Bash and Powershell for Lambda functions and userdata scripts.
  • Deployed and managing EKS Clusters, ECR, RDS, DynamoDB, CloudFront, ACM, Route53 & WAF.
  • Automated deployments to Kubernetes with GitOps using Flux and Helm.
  • Implemented AWS Single Sign-On (SSO), IAM, OAuth, Cognito, and Hashicorp Vault for SAML identity federation, management, authentication and secrets storage.
  • Configuring Palo Alto Firewalls with Ansible, and IPSec VPNs, BGP and Transit Gateway route tables for secure connectivity between Cloud and on-premise networks.
  • Ensuring SRE with autoscaling, read-replicas, automated backups for DR and monitoring with CloudWatch and Instana.
AWS Terraform Kubernetes Docker DevSecOps Python PowerShell Ansible
Trisor GmbH
6 Monate
2023-01 - 2023-06

Developed and managed access control

AWS DevOps Engineer
AWS DevOps Engineer
  • Deployed AWS landing zones to development and production accounts using Terragrunt and Terraform.
  • Supported a team of Data and AI Engineers with infrastructure provisioning and AWS service requests such as SFTP, Aurora RDS, S3 and Kafka.
  • Developed and managed access control using AWS SSO, Okta, CloudFlare, IAM roles and policies.
  • Provided support for microservices deployment to Kubernetes clusters using ArgoCD, Helm charts and manifest files.
  • Automated IaC deployments to production using CodeCommit, CodeBuild, Gitlab registries and CI/CD pipelines.
Munich, Germany
6 Monate
2022-07 - 2022-12

Conducted workshops

DevSecOps Consultant - Container Security
DevSecOps Consultant - Container Security
  • Evaluated current and alternative solutions for SAST, DAST, IAST, SCA and container security by comparing tools such as SonarQube, NetSparker, NexusIQ and Aqua, against Veracode, Checkmarx, Synopsys, and Snyk.
  • Conducted workshops for application teams to assess their implementation of container security and worked with them to reduce the overall organizational container security vulnerabilities by 28%.
  • Reviewed Dockerfiles and Azure DevOps build pipelines for the implementation of container security best practices.
  • Scanned container images for vulnerabilities in applications and third-party libraries with Aqua.
  • Provided recommendations for updating base images to minor releases of less vulnerable ones based on CVSS scores.
  • Investigated application security standards such as OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), SANS Security Web Application Technologies (SWAT) Checklist, and the NIST Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) for mapping against DevSecOps security tools.
Swiss Re
Zurich, Switzerland
4 Monate
2021-10 - 2022-01

Kubernetes Security Project

Kubernetes Security Expert Kubernetes Docker Cloud-Native ...
Kubernetes Security Expert
  • Performed security audits on EKS clusters to identify issues relating to cluster, node and application security.
  • Reviewed AWS IRSA authentication, Kubernetes cluster RBAC Roles, Role Bindings, Service Accounts, Signed Certificate holders and ConfigMaps.
  • Investigated container runtime security, mutating and validating webhooks, admission controllers, network policies, privileged access and security contexts.
  • Evaluated security of the DevOps lifecycle, CI/CD deployment pipelines, Helm charts and supply chain security.
  • Proposed an implementation of OPA Gatekeeper Admission Controller and OPA agents for whitelisting of container registries.
  • Performed automated cluster security assessments with Falco, Kubescape, and Kube-bench tools against CIS Benchmarks.
  • Proposed an implementation of security best practises in Kubernetes for cluster access control, image and container vulnerability scanning, and audit logging.
  • Deployed Conftest for static analysis of Dockerfiles and Kubernetes YAML manifests, and writing rules using rego commands.
  • Proposed an implementation of hardened docker images for Debian and Alpine.
Kubernetes Docker Cloud-Native DevSecOps Security Architecture AWS
About You GmbH
1 Jahr 8 Monate
2019-05 - 2020-12

Hybrid Cloud Architecture Design and Security automation

Cloud Security Lead AWS Azure GitLab ...
Cloud Security Lead
  • Designed cloud architecture and event-driven security on the Nokia Hybrid Cloud (AWS & Azure).
  • Performed CI / CD data builds, and cloud automation with GitLab CI, Terraform and Python scripts.
  • Managed PrivateLinks, VPC / VNet Peering, TGW and DX links on the Nokia Internal Network.
  • Managed IAM service role creation, federated logins, cross-account access and alarm configs.
  • Managed cloud security with AWS Security Hub, GuardDuty, Inspector and Azure Security Center.
  • Performed Hybrid Cloud services consulting, security assessments and compliance audits.
AWS Azure GitLab Terraform
Nokia Solutions & Networks
Accra, Ghana
2 Jahre 6 Monate
2016-12 - 2019-05

Providing managed cloud services

Cloud Operations Engineer
Cloud Operations Engineer

  • Providing managed cloud services for customers on the Nokia Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING)
  • Supported cloud migration and on-boarding of customer VNFs and applications
  • Monitored Telco Cloud infrastructure (OpenStack, VMware, KVM) with Zabbix, Nagios and Ganglia
  • Performing incident management and resolution of customer trouble tickets through Nokia GDC

Nokia Solutions & Networks
Accra, Ghana
2 Jahre 8 Monate
2014-04 - 2016-11

Alcatel-Lucent SPOC

Network Security Engineer
Network Security Engineer

  • Alcatel-Lucent SPOC for infosec management and design on the NITA e-Government Project
  • Managed ArcSight SIEM, TippingPoint IPS, Radware WAFs and Mail Filters, and HP Firewalls
  • Initialized, lead and coordinated project security requirements of risk assessments, audits, security policies, acceptance testing, business continuity and crisis management planning

Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia)
Accra, Ghana
1 Jahr
2013-05 - 2014-04

Provided MPLS backbone support

Senior Network Engineer
Senior Network Engineer

  • Provided MPLS backbone support as part of a 24/7 NOC team for customer wide area networks
  • Managed Point-to-Point (PTP) links, 4G Radio, WiMAX, LTE and VSAT satellite transmissions
  • Monitored network performance and KPIs with PRTG, Cacti, Solarwinds and WhatsUp Gold tools
  • Conducted failover to DR and Business Continuity Process (BCP) tests on the NOC infrastructure

STL Group
Accra, Ghana
2 Monate
2013-02 - 2013-03

IT Risk and Assurance | Advisory Services

Intern - IS Auditor
Intern - IS Auditor
  • Performed IS Audits for client companies to support EY's assurance financial statements.
  • Used IT general controls (ITGCs) and application controls to perform security reviews and assurance.
EY Ghana

Aus- und Weiterbildung

1 Monat
2020-08 - 2020-08

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

Cloud - AWS
Cloud - AWS
1 Monat
2020-08 - 2020-08

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator - Associate

Cloud - Azure
Cloud - Azure
1 Monat
2020-07 - 2020-07

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect - Expert

Cloud - Azure
Cloud - Azure
1 Monat
2020-06 - 2020-06

Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer - Associate

Cloud - Azure
Cloud - Azure
1 Monat
2020-05 - 2020-05

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

Cloud - Azure
Cloud - Azure
1 Monat
2019-06 - 2019-06

AWS Certified Security - Specialty

Cloud - AWS
Cloud - AWS
1 Monat
2019-05 - 2019-05

AWS Certified Developer - Associate

Cloud - AWS
Cloud - AWS
1 Monat
2019-04 - 2019-04

AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

Cloud - AWS
Cloud - AWS
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
1 Monat
2016-09 - 2016-09

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

1 Monat
2016-08 - 2016-08

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

1 Monat
2016-07 - 2016-07

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

3 Jahre 11 Monate
2007-08 - 2011-06

Bachelor of Science (BSc.) Computer Science

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology


Cloud Security / DevSecOps / DevOps / Cloud Architect / Cloud Engineer / Cloud Migration / Security Architect / Independent Consultant



AWS Terraform Kubernetes Azure GCP GitlabCI Docker bash Python Ansible Flux PowerShell CircleCI CI/CD Cloud DevOps DevSecOps Cloud-Native GitOps IT-Sicherheitsarchitektur

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden


A Hybrid and Multi-Cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP) Solutions Architect with expertise in DevSecOps, container security, CI/CD pipelines, Kubernetes and cloud automation using Terraform. I have experience providing innovative Managed Security and Cloud-based solutions for Start-Up, Government and Enterprise.


2013-02 - 2013-03

Rolle: Intern

Kunde: EY Ghana, Accra, Ghana


  • Performed IS Audits for client companies to support EY's assurance financial statements
  • Used IT general controls (ITGCs) and application controls to perform security reviews and assurance


  • Linux
  • Python
  • Bash Scripting
  • Networking
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • SIEM
  • Incident Response
  • Security Auditing
  • PenTesting
  • GitLab/CircleCi
  • AWS/Azure/GCP
  • OpenStack
  • Flux /ArgoCD
  • Azure DevOps
  • Helm


  • Team Player
  • Creativity
  • Goal Oriented
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Analysis
  • Time Management

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