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Darmstadt (+50km)


1 Jahr 1 Monat
2023-01 - heute

Festival Ticket Shop redesign

Senior Software Developer/ Consultant
Senior Software Developer/ Consultant
An existing .asp driven server side rendered Ticketshop should be majorly


The scope of this redesign is to enable a better ticket browse and booking experience on mobile devices, while also embracing the corporate design of the customer.

TypeScript Frontend (React NextJS) C# .NET Backend MSSQL Database
1 Jahr 1 Monat
2023-01 - heute


Senior Software Developer/ Consultant TypeScript Frontend (React NextJS) C# .NET Backend ...
Senior Software Developer/ Consultant
In this project should be extended to handle ordering and stock

management of consumables. 

This will be implemented on a completely refreshed tech stack 

In time more and more functionality will be refactored and moved to the refreshed tech stack.

TypeScript Frontend (React NextJS) C# .NET Backend Oracle Database
2 Jahre 1 Monat
2022-01 - heute

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Evaluation Software

Full Stack (Project Lead)
Full Stack (Project Lead)
Client wants to internally evaluate analise the risks of onboarding new hard- /
software into their environment. This is done by dynamic workflows that are being
processed by a number of internal stakeholders.

TypeScript Frontend (React) Java Backend (Spring Boot) MSSQL Database
3 Jahre 1 Monat
2021-01 - heute

Doctors Office Software

Full Stack (Solo Project) Next React Apollo ...
Full Stack (Solo Project)
A Doctor which focuses on a specific niche needs a custom software to
coordinate his examinations and to manage the patients data. During the examinations, the
software is used to create examination records (dynamic multiple choice like forms).
Following that medical reports are automatically generated.
TypeScript Frontend TypeScript Backend PostgresQL Docker Graph QL
Next React Apollo Apollo Server Prisma ORM
4 Jahre 1 Monat
2020-01 - heute

OnlineVHS (Community College Course Registry)

Senior Software Developer/ Consultant TypeScript Frontend TypeScript Backend GraphQL ...
Senior Software Developer/ Consultant
In Germany there are hundreds of community colleges (?VHS?) which are
offering courses at their facilities and online. The problem is that there is a lack of
transparency on what courses are offered overall, since each community college has its own
website, offering and advertising their program strictly on a local level. We identified the
need of a website that would serve as a central registry for those courses, offering a fast and
uncomplicated geo-based search and categorization of the catalog.
TypeScript Frontend TypeScript Backend GraphQL PostgresQL Docker
5 Jahre 1 Monat
2019-01 - heute

LightRoom - Joomla Bridge (LR-Connect)

Full Stack (Project Lead) LUA Script PHP customer Joomla Extension MariaDB ...
Full Stack (Project Lead)
Within the Foto-Community there was a need to publish edited photos directly
from LightRoom to the photographers website. The idea was to implement an extension for
an existing CMS system that would enable displaying the photo collections put together in
LightRoom in a flexible and simply integratable way.
Subsequently a Joomla component extension was developed that implemented an API
which enabled the secure sync between LightRoom and the photographers Joomla website.
There are prebuilt components that can be dynamically added to content pages, embedding
synced photos from the uploaded LightRoom collections.
LUA Script PHP customer Joomla Extension MariaDB HTML CSS3 JavaScript
5 Jahre 1 Monat
2019-01 - heute

Adfellaz Platform

Full Stack (Solo Project)
Full Stack (Solo Project)
The client already ran a website built with wordpress that offered ad-based
products to its clients. Specific custom logic was needed to handle internal workflows for
customer payout management. Since the platform was already live and in use, the decision
was made to implement a custom Wordpress Extension to accomodate all needed features.
(As of 2021, the platform is not online anymore
HTML CSS3 JavaScript (ReactJS) PHP (Custom Wordpress Extension)
5 Jahre 1 Monat
2019-01 - heute

?Syncomatic? Distributed File Sync

Full Stack (Project Lead)
Full Stack (Project Lead)
Several workflows of the customer required the exchange of files with external
service providers. This file exchange (sync) should follow strict workflow bound rulesets
making conventional file-sync solutions not an option. A distributed file sync solution was
developed that would allow the integration of all required workflow related state
management and triggers/hooks for each of the file states.
HTML CSS3 JavaScript (React) NodeJS (Express) MariaDB R-SYNC Rabbit-MQ
6 Jahre 1 Monat
2018-01 - heute


Full Stack (Project Lead)
Full Stack (Project Lead)
Over the years, more and more features got integrated into the project and
offered a number of API?s with different layouts and schemas. To make future feature
development easier and to improve performance on existing features a REST-API was
implemented that consolidated all those various features.
PHP (Lumen) implementing a OpenAPI Swagger REST-API MariaDB
7 Jahre 1 Monat
2017-01 - heute


Front End ReactJS frontend .NET C#
Front End
The Metropolitan project in Munich had special needs and workflows that called
for the development of a custom software. After starting with a basic featureset, many
convenience features got added over the years. Today a number of big german cities use the
application as well to do their planning
ReactJS frontend .NET C#
7 Jahre 1 Monat
2017-01 - heute

Territory Planner

Full Stack (Solo Project)
Full Stack (Solo Project)
Description: Working in the foreign language field comes with a number of special needs in
terms of territory planning. A software was developed that would not store data on the cloud,
but encrypted on the local machine. It allowed to create and manage territories, assign them
to publishers and to print out pretty maps to work with in the field ministry. Due to changes in
legislation this software is not in use anymore.
Electron ReactJS
7 Jahre 1 Monat
2017-01 - heute

End To End Testing for the MMP Project

Full Stack (Project Lead), Dev-Ops
Full Stack (Project Lead), Dev-Ops
There was insufficient test coverage on several workflows and UNIT testing was
hard to implement due to the code design of those software components. The solution was
to build solid E2E tests in CI that would guarantee that new features would not break existing
workflows. To accomplish this a database seeder had to be implemented that would allow
for static test data, while being flexible enough to be easily updated during development. A
CLI tool was implemented that allowed for fine grained data snapshotting, and a CI workflow
was created that would run Cypress on a production like environment on every commit.
JavaScript (Cypress) Docker Bamboo CI MariaDB NodeJS and PHP for the data seeder
8 Jahre 1 Monat
2016-01 - heute

Foto Lighttable (DAM Extension)

Full Stack, Dev-Ops
Full Stack, Dev-Ops
The customer needed a better way of comparing images from photo-shootings
side by side. To be completely integrated into their existing workflow, this needed to be done
within the existing Digital Asset Management software that the client used at that time. A
modern SPA JavaScript web-app was developed that allowed for detailed sorting and
comparison of fotos, offering side-by-side views of multiple pictures, with zoom and
highlight options.
HTML CSS3 JavaScript (React Redux) PHP
9 Jahre 1 Monat
2015-01 - heute

Refactoring of the MMP Project

Full Stack, Dev-Ops
Full Stack, Dev-Ops
The project depends on various third party dependencies that need to be
configured and installed on the web-server it runs on. To make local development more
feasible the project was refactored in order to be containerized. In that effort, various
JavaScript libraries got replaced, PHP code got ported to the newest version of the
language. Following that the whole CI/CD pipeline was overhauled, which allowed for a more
fluid user testing workflow and more transparent deployment workflows.
PHP HTML CSS3 JavaScript (YUI3 jQuery) Docker Bamboo CI

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