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5 Monate
2023-02 - 2023-06

Cloud data spaces

DevOps/Entwickler EDC IDS/IPS GAIA-X ...

Programming and DevOps roles in several client?s sub-projects POSSIBLE, HEALTH-X and Marispace. Design and implementation of data space technologies based on GAIA-X and International Data Spaces (IDS). Creation of documentation, examples and demos for internal and external customers.


  • Migration of data space software components to IONOS cloud

  • Dockerization of GAIA-X services - Federated Catalog

  • Automation of infrastructure landscape with Terraform - IONOS Kubernetes

  • Automation of deployment process - CI/CD

  • Packaging/Deployment/Integration of EDC Connector

  • Packaging/Deployment/Integration of IDS DAPS

  • Packaging/Deployment/Integration of IoT OpenTwins platform based on Eclipse DITTO

EDC IDS/IPS GAIA-X Git Docker Kubernetes
3 Monate
2022-11 - 2023-01

GAIA-X Federation Services

Developer Golang Microservice Kubernetes ...

GAIA-X Federation Services includes the building of basic services for connected, open data infrastructure based on european standards and values. Those services should be distributed and decentralized and connected to each other will build the basis for a homogeneous and user-friendly system for secure data transfer. The project also entails implementing those services and provisioning of the relevant IT infrastructure.

Core components:

  • Identity & Trust

  • Federated Catalogue

  • Sovereign Data Exchange

  • Compliance

Federation service layer:

  • Authentication methods

  • GAIA-X Service UI and Workflow Engine

  • Orchestration methods (Infrastructure, Interconnection, Dataspaces)

  • Interfaces for external integration


  • Deploying multiple services on Kubernetes using CI/CD and Helm

  • Automation of service integrations

  • Creating Docker images for existing services

  • Implementation of new services: Principal Creation Service, Invitation Service, DID Management Service, Claim Mapper Service

  • Setting up of various Kubernetes jobs

  • Bug Fixing and support for existing deployments

Golang Microservice Kubernetes Cloud
T-Systems International GmbH
3 Jahre 2 Monate
2019-12 - 2023-01

Daiteap (Multi-Cloud management platform)

Developer Python Bash scripting CI/CD ...

Daiteap simplifies the management of complex multi-cloud infrastructure by exposing easy to use UI and API to end users. Daiteap can manage Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines and S3 storage across a variety of cloud service providers, in-premise and IoT devices. Users can create integration multi-cloud environments by VPN, allowing Kubernetes nodes, virtual servers and devices to communicate directly without needing to cross edge network boundaries and use public IPs, gateways and proxies. 


  • Cloud - AWS, GCP, Azure, Alicloud

  • Terraform

  • Ansible

  • Docker und Kubernetes, Cluster-API, RabbitMQ

  • IoT RaspberryPi

  • Helm

  • Vuejs

  • Django und Python

  • CI/CD

  • PKI,OAuth2.0/OIDC, SSO, Keycloak,VPN IPSEC/WireGuard


  • Programming backend and frontend 

  • Development of CI/CD pipelines for continuous delivery

  • Integration of public cloud APIs: GCP, AWS, Azure, AliCloud

  • Adding support for private cloud - OpenStack

  • Adding support for bare metal on premise hardware

  • Adding support for IoT ARM devices - RaspberryPi

  • Integration of Yaook life cycle management

  • Integration of Cluster-API based life cycle management

  • Realization of VPN based peer-to-peer connectivity solution using IPSec and Wireguard

  • Integration of SSO using Keycloak and OIDC

Azure Google Cloud Platform AWS Alicloud Ansible Terraform Kubernetes Docker Helm Keycloak Internet of Things
Python Bash scripting CI/CD OIDC OAuth VueJS JavaScript TypeScript Golang RabbitMQ
Daiteap GmbH & Co. KG
9 Monate
2022-04 - 2022-12

ALTERNATIVE (environmentAL Toxicology of chEmical mixtuRes through aN innovATIVE platform based on aged cardiac tissue model)

Developer Bash scripting SSO

ALTERNATIVE will develop an innovative platform able to detect the cardiotoxicity of chemicals and their biotransformation products. The novel platform will enable regulators and industry to identify, quantify and prevent cardiotoxic co-exposures to industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals in a cost-effective way. ALTERNATIVE will particularly focus on cardiotoxic effects on the older people, which is of high relevance in view of the aging European population and the high spread of cardiovascular diseases.

Within the scope of the project and cloud data platform will be developed to enable deployment, operation and access of the machine learning data modes as well as to facilitate the data gathering and analysis between ALTERNATIVE partners.


  • Implementation of Cloud Data Platform

  • Integration of ML model and data source into the cloud data platform


  • Development of web-based data exchange platform based on CKAN

  • Creation of custom CKAN extensions for: 

    • OIDC/SSO

    • S3 storage

    • Theming

  • Packaging and deployment of the platform with CI/CD automation

  • Integration of JupyterHub, CKAN and S3 with each other

Good Clinical Practice CKAN S3 Keycloak JupyterHUB
Bash scripting SSO
6 Monate
2022-03 - 2022-08

Frodexim (Energy data exchange system)

Developer C# DotNetCore 6.0 REST ...

Implementation of open market specification for information exchange about electricity usage on the Bulgarian energy market. Implementation of IDM service using DotNetCore.

Implementation of first module - MSCONS settlement. It includes three services:

  • settlement REST API

  • settlement configuration UI

  • user management


  • Docker/Docker-compose

  • DotNet Core 6.0



  • Microsoft Blazor


  • implementation of new services

  • unit tests according to ESO specifications

  • writing deployments scripts and documentation

  • deployment of services to test and production environments

  • support and bug fixing

VS Code Blazor Docker Docker-Compose
C# DotNetCore 6.0 REST XML/XSD
2 Jahre 8 Monate
2019-02 - 2021-09

Footgolf Score

Software-Developer Python Django HTML ...

Footgolf Score is a multi-tenant web platform for footgolf and golf competitions. The platform is used by associations, clubs and players to organize, manage, scorekeeping and live scoring of footgolf and golf tournaments.


  • Python/Django

  • Bootstrap

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS

  • Docker and Kubernetes


  • programming the Python/Django functionalities according to the specifications

  • packaging and deployment (CI/CD)

  • maintenance/bug-fixing

Docker Kubernetes Google Cloud Platform
Python Django HTML CSS JavaScript Twitter Bootstrap
Delicious Sports AG
2 Jahre 8 Monate
2019-02 - 2021-09

Footgolf Score

Software developer Python Django HTML ...
Software developer

FootgolfScore is a web platform used by players, tournament organizers and national federations to manage tournaments, player rankings, profiles and events. The platform also keeps track of real time results during tournaments and provides a live scorecard which is updated by the stewards during competitions.

User facing part is used by the general public and players to review and register for tournaments, see results and participate in footgolf events. Administrative part is used by the national federations and clubs which create the tournaments, rules and teams.


  • Python/Django

  • Bootstrap

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS

  • Docker and Kubernetes

  • Google Cloud Platform


  • Programming the Python/Django functionalities according to the specifications from the client

  • Admin module for managing tournaments, registrations and result lists

  • Programming a result calculation engine for result lists and scorecards using dynamic tournament rules

  • Packaging and deployment (CI/CD)

  • Maintenance of the live system used by thousands of users in Italy

Python Django HTML CSS JavaScript Docker Kubernetes Google Cloud Platform
Delicious Sports AG
2 Jahre 7 Monate
2019-01 - 2021-07

Octave (Cloud-based Big Data Analytics platform)

Software-Developer Python Django

Development of a cloud-based data analytics platform (https://www.octave.io/) based on Hortonworks Hadoop and hosted in OVH. Development of REST APIs for data ingest and access. Setting up SSO, IDM, Logging, Monitoring infrastructure. Support of production servers, bug fixing and further developments.


  • Public cloud OVH

  • Hortonworks, NIFI, HDFS

  • ELK stack

  • Kubernetes and Docker

  • Python/Django

OVH Hortonworks NIFI Hadoop ELK Kubernetes Docker
Python Django
Octave IO
1 Jahr 2 Monate
2018-11 - 2019-12

Digital Service Assistant (DSA)

Python Django SOAP ...

Implementation of Backend Proxy component as intermediary between frontend and backend systems. 10 separate microservices created using Python/Django, Docker, and NodeJS. Created specification, unit tests, deployment automation scripts. Supported the project for the production phase, fixed bugs and maintained customer serving systems. Created versioning, logging, and release management documents and procedures used by the whole team. 


  • Python/Django

  • Docker and Kubernetes

  • SOAP


  • NodeJS

  • Swagger

  • Bash

  • GIT

Python Django SOAP XML XML Schema Docker
Deutsche Telekom AG


DevOps, Software-Developer



Hadoop & Big Data


  • Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes, K3S, MicroK8S, Helm, ArgoCD, Cluster API)

  • Databases (MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL Server, SQLite)

  • Tools (Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, ELK stack, LDAP, Keycloak, CKAN, NGINX)

  • Networking (TCP/IP, LB, Ingress, VPN IPSEC and Wireguard, CNI, OAuth2.0/OIDC, Istio)


  • Languages (C#, Golang, Python, Bash/scripting, HTML/CSS/JavaScript/TS, SQL)

  • Frameworks (DotNet Core6, MS Blazor, Django, Vue Js, Entity Framework, JQuery)

  • IDEs (VS Code, Eclipse, NetBeans)

  • Tools (GIT, Gitlab, Github, Jupyter Notebook, Minikube, KIND)

  • AI (TensorFlow, KubeFlow)


  • Public providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, Open Telekom Cloud, OVH)

  • Private cloud (OpenStack)

Hadoop and big data:

  • Providers (Hortonworks)

  • Services (HDFS, NiFi, Kafka, KNOX, Ranger, Kerberos, LDAP, Ambari, Zookeeper)

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