Business and data analytics, technical consultancy, business process management, digitalization
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Big Data Analytics


Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich


1 year
2023-01 - 2023-12

Senior business analyst in Architecture team

Senior business analyst - consultant
Senior business analyst - consultant
  • Conducting business analysis and requirements engineering
  • Facilitating user story mapping sessions
  • Defining use cases and use cases scenarios
  • Leading activity for scrum ceremonies - 3 Amigos, refinement & estimation
  • Creating process models and wireframes using tools such as Miro, Draw.IO, Jira, Confluence
  • Facilitating remote requirements workshops with technical and business stakeholders
  • Enabling continuous collaborative work within the team
  • Reviewing new client requests and working closely with clients and stakeholders to discuss requirements in terms of feasibility and priority and tailor solutions that hit the target
  • Leading validation sessions and changes assessments
  • Closely collaborating with QAs for test Oana-Corina Botas cases and test scenarios creation
  • Reviewing technical compliance requirements and translating them into user stories and use cases
  • Understanding industry practices and researching for improvement opportunities
  • Building business and technical roadmaps
  • Prioritizing backlog items
  • Assessing and minimizing technical debt 
Gambling & betting industry
1 year 2 months
2021-11 - 2022-12

Consulting in Customer Engagement team for a tool based on JetBrains MPS

Technical Consultant
Technical Consultant
  • Consulting on building a strong customer relationship and improve the customer experience with the usage of the developed tool
  • Designing the architecture of the technical documentation ? business class, object diagram, sequence diagram and communication diagram modelling
  • Working on creating, refactoring, optimizing the existing technical documentation
  • Producing written and video materials for software developers
  • Synchronizing with several teams across the project - developers, designers, architects, project managers etc
  • Designing the onboarding and learning paths for users who start working with the tools
  • Assuring the newly produced code is well written and documented
  • Building and testing use cases and use case scenarios definition
  • Writing user stories
  • Participating and providing advice in agile meetings ? planning
  • providing advice in rule exchange with the client for project coordination
  • Pitching the value for different identified use cases
  • Coordinating the teams involved in producing or improving the technical documentation and setting the documentation structure and guidelines
  • Planning the workload for each sprint
  • Consulting on future approaches with regards to technical documentation (storage places, resources planning, optimization) and trainings
3 years 9 months
2019-04 - 2022-12

Internet Banking Solution

Senior Data Analyst
Senior Data Analyst
 Working in the Data Team for the Internet Banking Solution, closely collaborating with different teams or the countries where the solution is available
  • Interpreting and analysing data
  • Identifying patterns, trends or anomalies in the analysed data sets in order to report them to the interested parties
  • Automating data collection, analysis and reporting processes
  • Attending business or management meetings in order to have a clear insight on the needs in terms of data
  • Consulting on decisions to be taken, based on analytical outcomes
  • Writing user stories and defining user journeys in web and app
  • Data tracking model refactoring and constant improvement ? data quality assurance
  • Resources planning and allocation for incoming projects or tasks
  • Working in an mixed agile environment and scheduling work for each sprint
  • Identifying and defining improvements in processes
  • Helping define KPI and relevant metrics that fit to the existing tracking or defining new tracking solutions, in order to be able to take data driven decisions
  • Using the knowledge for reorganizing and constantly updating the internal technical documentation for an accurate overview on work, tools, processes, structure, goals etc.
  • Creating visual and textual learning materials
  • Onboarding colleagues with or without technical or data background (e.g. developers, business analysts, project managers, designers) and sharing the knowledge needed in order to be able to visualize and understand the existing data (e.g. Kibana for data visualization and monitoring)
  • Organizing data talks sessions
  • Constantly synchronizing with stakeholders and researching the market for new/better solutions to build proposals for replacement or expansion of the pool of available tools in the company
Erste Digital
8 months
2018-08 - 2019-03

Closely collaborating with It Operations, Development, Testing, Marketing and Product teams

Business Intelligence Analyst
Business Intelligence Analyst
Working in the BI Team, closely collaborating with It Operations, Development, Testing, Marketing and Product teams
  • Supporting the internal teams to take the right decisions by providing the necessary data after aggregating and analysing it using tools such as Redshift (SQL) ? for building scripts and Domo for both scripting and data visualisation
  • Supporting the implementation of the new tracking system, testing and suggesting improvements where needed
  • Closely monitoring the data behaviour and identifying issues or abnormal behaviour in order to have it fixed
  • Automating manual tasks performed within the team or in the company
  • Improving the ticketing process
  • Creating functional and operational technical documentation available for all employees
Finderly GmbH
1 year 5 months
2017-04 - 2018-08

Application Management

Business Analyst
Business Analyst
Working in the IT ? Data Warehouse Department in the Business Analysts team, closely collaborating with Application Management, Development and Testing team
  • Supporting business and IT analysis in DWH for risk and finance demands
  • Supporting the departments both in the definition of new IT requirements and in the change requests to existing IT solutions
  • Business analysis project related tasks - requirements eliciting, assessment, business process modelling (AS IS and TO BE) and optimization, reverse engineering, Actively collaborating with different types of clients / stakeholders (department staff, project leaders, IT architects, management)
  • Creating mapping specifications
  • Participating in the preparation of functional and operational documentation, Attending workshops to identify functional and technical requirements
Raiffeisen Bank International
1 year 10 months
2015-07 - 2017-04

Application Development and Innovation

Technical (Support) Engineer - 1 st , 2 nd,3rd Level
Technical (Support) Engineer - 1 st , 2 nd,3rd Level
Working in the Application Development and Innovation Department for an important customer in the Automotive Industry 
  • Delivering support on 1st ? 3rd Level for customer's procurement applications
  • Constantly updating the existing database ? working with DBVisualizer
  • Monitoring the applications in order to solve the encountered errors promptly
  • Attending the daily call with the customer, discussing the current status of the project, the issues encountered and the solutions implemented
  • Opening incidents for the issues encountered by users, assigning the correct priority and resolving them respecting the SLA
  • Attending trainings available on the company's internal platform or at class in order to improve or achieve more soft and technical skills
IBM Romania

Aus- und Weiterbildung

University of Economics and Business (WU), Vienna, Austria

MSc - Information Systems

Academy of Economic

BSc - Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Business Informatics

Studies Bucharest, Romania

Major in Business Informatics

'Moise Nicoara' National College Arad, Romania

Major in Mathematics and Computer Science

Romanian Baccalaureate: Mathematics, Biology, Literature

Business Coaching Diploma ICF school (PWC)


  • IELTS Academic (C1)
  • BEC (C2)



Wirtschaftsinformatik Big Data Analytics

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden


  • A very dynamic person with great people skills
  • Excellent at working in teams but also can be very focused on individual tasks
  • Always organized and focused, with the ability to adapt to ongoing changes in the requests
  • Having a digital mindset and a natural curiosity and drive to continue learning and figure out how things match together

Key Skills

  • Data Analysis
  • Business Analysis Business Intelligence Analysis
  • System Integration
  • Programming Technical Writing
  • UI & UX
  • Business Process Management
  • Process flow
  • Process digitalization
  • Process Management Consulting

Key Tools:

  • SQL
  • Python
  • Hive
  • Impala
  • AWS
  • SAP
  • UML
  • Domo
  • Tableau
  • Kibana/Elastic
  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • GitHub
  • Power BI
  • Oracle
  • Posthog
  • Cloudera
  • Data Bricks
  • Google Analytics
  • Visio
  • Draw.IO
  • BPM Tools
  • JavaScript
  • Postman
  • Advanced ? MS Office Package, Miro, C++, C#

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