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4 Jahre 8 Monate
2019-01 - 2023-08

ABB Robotics Ready for Smart Future

Senior Lead-, Functional-, Technical- Consultant HANA Migration
Senior Lead-, Functional-, Technical- Consultant
  • Main Scope: SAP S/4 Hana Finance for Report To Report RTR finance end to end reporting using Hana Cloud Analytics SAC for ABB Group planning and reporting
  • SAP Activate methodology with Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • JIRA for tracking Enhancements & Tickets
  • Confluence for Documentation
  • Service Now for Tickets
  • Solution Manager integrated for Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) with Jira integration:
    • Focused Build ? Update, Changes & Test
    • Focused Insights ? Dashboards with KPIs
  • Hana Deployment Infrastructure - HDI
    • Deploy Hana database with Containers Group.
      • Runtime containers
      • Mapping HDI to Cloud Spaces
  • Multi-Tenant User Authorization ? XSUAA
  • Public Cloud using Azure Cloud
  • Azure Cloud for
    • SAP S/4 Hana Finance & Logistics
    • Azure Data Lake - ADSL
    • Azure Data Framework - ADF
  • Integration Ariba
  • ABAP Objects ? ABAP OO
  • Technical Interfaces - IDOC
  • Analytics Process Designer ? ADP
  • Process Orchestration / Process Integration    PI/PO
  • Process Orchestration - PO   
  • Process Integration - PI
  • Cloud Platform Integration ? CPI
    • DS- Agent
    • Content Modifier
    • Changings using Groovy scripts
    • API Business Hub
    • Message Processing (Header, Body, Exchange)
    • Integration Flows - iFlows
  • Cloud Platform Integration Service for Cloud Integration - CPIS
  • Data Dictionary for Hana features
    • Change Storage types (Row & Columns) for tables
    • De-pooling & De-clustering to Hana transparent tables
    • Text (secondary) indexes
    • Secondary Index ? selective deletion
  • SAP Archiving
  • SAP Hana Enqueuing for Locking ? SAP ENQUEUE
  • New Architecture optimized for Hana: Enqueue Replicator 2 - ENSA2
  • New Fail -over process if ACCS cluster fails
    • Migrate ASCS to node were Enqueue Replication Server (ERS) instance is not running
    • Replication over network instead shared memory
    • Restart ASCS instance
  • Development & Migration SAP ECC & SAP S/4 Hana Finance & Logistics
    • Finance: FI, FI-GL, FI-CA, CO, CO-PA, CO-PC, AA, PCA, IM, PS (including WBS) , PP
    • Logistics: MM, SD, CS, WM and WME (Extended Warehouse)
    • Human Resources: HCM
    • Product Costing ? CO-PC
    • Integration / Interface FI, CO with SD and MM
    • Financial Product Subledger - FPSL
    • BW & BPC Landscape to SAP S/4 HANA 2 (2020) with BW/4 Hana
    • Integrated Authorisation Roles
    • SAP S/4 Hana Migration Cockpit (MC) and Migration Objects Modeler -MOM
    • Legacy Data Migration Workbench ? LSMW for data take over.
    • SAP Cloud Platform Data Retention Manager ? DRM
    • SAP Cloud Landscape Directory - CLD
    • General Data Protection Regulation - GRPD
    • Master Data Governance rules ? MDG
      • Products ? MM
      • Bill of Materials -BOM
      • Business Partner ? BP
      • BP Implementation based on different roles
      • House Banks
      • Vendor & Supplier Integration
      • Purchase Info Records
      • Sales Conditions
      • Employee as BP
      • Workplans
      • Inspections Lots & Characteristics & Plan
    • Master Data Governance for Finance ? MDG-F
      • Accounts - Integration new GL accounts
      • Cost Elements integration with new GL Account
        • Profit Centres
        • Cost Centres
        • Projects ? PS
        • Work Breakdown Structures - WBS
      • Data Quality Management ? DQM
        • Rule mining to validate the Business Rules - BRF
      • SAP Central Finance - CFIN
        • Magnitude for data take over non-SAP systems
        • Integration Central finance with Master Data Governance MDG
        • MDG for Master Data Mapping and Validation
        • Remove duplicates for Business Partner - MDG
        • SAP Landscape Transformation replication - STL
        • Extension of existing IDocs for data take over from SAP ECC systems
        • Application Integration Framework for monitoring and data corrections
      • SAP Finance special processes:
        • Document Spit
        • Accruals
        • Account based CO-PA for Margin Analysis
      • SAP Logistics SD
        • Sales Pricing
        • Transfer Pricing
        • Sales Conditions
        • Intercompany Billing, I/C
        • Sales Tax determination
      • SAP Logistics SD Integration with:
        • Finance FI & CO
        • Profitability Analysis CO-PA
        • Product Costing ? CO-PC
        • Projects PS
        • WBS
      • SAP Human Resources - HCM
        • Organisations
        • Employees
        • Cost Centred
      • Changes in Finance & Logistics to redesign optimize the following processes for the new LOBs and Segments.
        • Corporate Management Finance Dashboard
        • Cost Allocations Systematics for actual, planning & simulation.
        • Cost of Goods Sold COGS using price variance differences.
        • Segment Contribution for Margin Analysis
        • Document Spit with Profit Centres
        • Revenue Recognition
        • Capital Expenditure ? CAPEX
        • Investment Management
        • Tax services
        • Tax determination
        • Treasury & Cash Management
        • Contract Management ? FI-CA
      • SAP Revenue Accounting & Recognition ? RAR
        • Revenue Recognition with IFRS 15
      • Special Focus Industry: Financial Products Subledger - FPSL
      • Financial Supply Chain Management FSCM
        • Bank Communication Management - FSCM-BCM
        • Electronic Billing Direct ? FSCM-BD
        • Cash & Liquidity Management ? FSCM-CLM
        • Collections Management ? FSCM-COL
        • Credit Management - FSCM-CR
        • Dispute Management - FSCM_DM
        • Inhouse Cash ? FSCM-IHC
        • Treasury & Risk Management ? FSCM-TRM
      • Financial Services -FS
        • Data Platform ? FS-DP
        • Data Management ? FS-DM
        • Collection & Disbursement ? FS-CD
        • Incentive & Commission Management - FS-ICM
        • Segment / Regions / LOBs ? Reporting
        • Bank Analyser
        • Integration non-Hana BI / BW and BEX Queries
        • In-House Banks with Cash Pool
        • Controlling Master Data ? CO-OM for new Cost Centre Hierarchies
        • Account Based Profitability Analysis CO-PA for real time Margin Analysis & Simulation
        • Cost of Goods Sold - COGS
        • Product Costing CO-PC integration products and services with simulation Cost of Goods Manufactured COGM
        • Profit Centre Accounting EC-PCA including Document Split for new Profit Centre business Logic for new LOB & Segmental Reporting
        • Project System PS for simple and complex projects as replacement for CO Internal Orders.
        • Material Ledger ? ML for Products
        • Transfer Pricing using Management & Group Valuation
        • Hedging valuation
        • Business Object Data Service BODS for BO Reporting
  • Data Intelligence integrated with
    • Hana Cloud
    • BW/4 Hana
    • DWC
    • SAC
    • SCP ? SAC for planning
    • CPI  integration with SAP S/4 Hana on Premise
    • Migration using Analysis Process Designer - APD
  • Datawarehouse Cloud (DWC) connected with different clouds in different regions
    • Spaces to SAP Cloud / Azure / AWS
    • Conversion several local BW into one central BW/4 Hana
    • Large Scalable Architecture LSA++ for BW/4 Hana
    • BW 7.5 Modelling in Hana Studio (Eclipse)
    • ABAP OO in Hana Studio
    • Report to Report (RTR) for Drill Down from BW
    • Hana Process implementation using Hana Process Designer APD
    • Hana development with Calculation views
      • ABAP Objects Managed Database Procedures AMDP
    • CDS Views for Data Extraction for several non-SAP Subsidiaries
    • Open ODS Views for Transactional and Master Data
    • Advanced Data Store Objects (aDSO) to store persistent Data
    • Smart Data Integration SDI
    • Cloud Azure Data Lake integration
    • ADF - Azure Data Factory
    • ADSL - Azure Data Lake
    • Ariba Integration
    • Concur Integration
    • Cloud Platform Integration - CPI
    • Data Provisioning Server (DPS)
    • Data Provisioning Agent (DTA)
    • Cloud Connecter triggered by SAP Cloud Agents
    • Smart Data Access (SDA) for Data load from Hana native tables
    • Data Hub for loud from SAP S/4 Hana on premise
    • Operational Data Providers ODP for writing into aDSO
    • Operational Delta Queue OPQ for reading to ODP using CDS view
    • Detailed Margin & Sales Planning and Simulation using BPC 11.1 embedded
    • Custom planning function using Fox Formulas in BPC
  • SAP Business Application Studio ? BAS
    • SAP Web IDE ? BAS is successor due to integration and scalability issues
    • Compatible with other Cloud environments like Azure / AWS / GWE
      • 3GitHub
      • GIT
      • Jenkins
      • Continuous Integration / Continuous Development - CI/ CD
      • Multi Cloud Tenant MTA build in based on Gardener
      • Gardener for flexible scaling with Kubernetes compatibility
      • Extension with Kyma
      • Collecting stock market & `competitors` data from AWS
      • Development environment Visual Studio Code ? VSC
      • Visual Studio Code Integration with GitHub
      • SAP Project Piper for CD / CI
      • SAP Project Gardener ? Kubernetes optimalisation
    • Cloud Application Programming Model ? CAP
    • RESTful ABAP Programming Model ? RAP
      • Data Modelling & Behaviour in CDS
      • Consumption of OData v4 Service in Fiori
    • Hana Could Hybrid scenario
      • SAP Hana S/4 Cloud
      • SAP S/4 Hana on-premises
        • ABAP Object ABAP OO
        • Power BI connection
        • UI5
        • WebDynpro
        • BO
        • Fiori 3
        • WebIDE
      • A Project with Development Space is created for each KPI
        • Hana Database Explorer ? e.g., Creation of Hana Tables on Database Level
        • Hana Cloud Platform Cockpit ? Developer environment with Development Spaces
        • Hana Cockpit ? Modelling of Hana Objects: example CDS views
        • Development of Business Logic in BAS using a combination of
          • Node.js
          • SQLite
          • NodeJS
          • JavaScript
          • JSON
          • ABAP OO
          • Python
          • CDS Annotations
        • Development of business Logic in SAP Fiori using a combination of
          • Cloud Foundry CF
          • SAPUI5
          • ABAP in Repository
          • Java Script
          • JSON
          • ABAP OO
          • CDS - Annotations
  • SAP 4/BW Hana 2.X embedded
    • Cloud Platform Integration CPI
    • CPI Integration with:
      • SAP S/4 Hana on premise
      • Datawarehouse Cloud - DWC
      • SAP 4/BW Hana
    • Upgrades from Hana Cloud 1904 to 2021
    • SAP Hana Cockpit SAC as entry point for user
      • Virtual Data Model (VDM) using CDS
      • Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) for loading Hana data to 4/BW
    • CDS Views enhancements
      • Additional fields for new ABB LOBs actuals and planning
        • Finance Accruals
        • Document Split
        • Investment planning IM
      • Account based Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
        • Detailed Margin Analysis on new LOBs Actuals and Planning^
      • Product Costing ? CO-PC
      • Project System also replacing internal orders ? PS using WBS
        • Automatic processing of accruals
      • Cost of Goods Sold ? COGS
      • Sales Analysis
      • Hedging Reporting
      • Valuation of Hedging for COGS
    • Using Open SQL programming
      • Data Definition Language - DDL
      • Data Manipulation Language  - DML
      • Data Control Language ? DCL
    • Gateway & OData for new Line of Business (LOB) and new Segments after Restructuring of ABB Group for Fiori 3 integration
      • Gateway Service Builder
      • OData V4 & V2 Services enhancements
    • Business Planning & Consolidation ? BPC integrated with SAC
    • SAC Analytics planning using Stories
      • Value Driver Tree - VDT
      • Simulation ? What if simulation scenario
      • Comments & copy comments to next period
      • Fiori 3 & SAP UI5 report
    • Real Time Planning Info Cubes
    • Planning Aggregation Levels
    • Planning Filter
    • Planning Functions using FOX programming
    • Planning Sequences
    • SAP Business Application Studio BAS to develop:
      • UI5 for Fiori 3 Apps
    • Fiori 3 Smart Business Apps
      • Mobile Application Workbench MAW
        • IOS
        • Android
        • HTML5
        • OData
        • IU5
        • JavaScript
      • Fiori 3 Launchpad structure
        • Spaces
        • Sections
      • Pages
      • Catalogue
      • Tiles
      • Business Roles
    • Fiori layouts
      • Overview Page OVP
      • Analytics Report
      • List Drill Down Report
      • Plan Data Input
      • Workflow
    • Dashboards
  • SAP S/4 Hana Consolidation for Process Legal & Management Consolidation and Planning
    • SAP Enterprise Performance Management - EPM
    • Data Monitor in Fiori 3 for
      • Data Collection using Central Finance Data Collection for manual Entrees
    • Financial Closing Cockpit in Fiori in SAP Public Cloud
    • Legal Consolidation for parallel Accounting Standard (IFRS, US-GAAP, HGB)
      • Consolidation Cockpit
      • Intercompany Accounting with smart Reconciliation
      • Machine Learning for Automation of Intercompany Matching Process
      • Parallel Matrix Consolidation for Consolidation Units and Profit Centres
      • Currency Translation for multiple parallel Consolidation Currencies
      • Consolidation of Investments COI in Advanced Financial Closing -AFC
      • Disclosure Management for Europe, UK and USA
      • Solvency 2
        • EU Banken AufsichtBehörde ? EU-EBA
        • EU Aufsichtsbehörder Versicherung & betriebliche Altersvorsore ? EU-EOPA
        • Security and Exchange Commission - US-SEC
        • Her Majesty Revenue and Customs ? UK-HRC
        • All requirements for the Accountancy standard IFRS up to current fiscal year
        • IFRS 9 ? Cash Flow based SSPI and other
          • Amortized Cost
          • FVTPL
          • Fair value through comprehensive income for debt -FVTOC
          • FVTOCI for equity
        • IRFRS 15 ? RAR Revenue Accounting & Reporting
      • SAP Hana Embedded Analytics SAC Group Reporting in Fiori Launchpad / OVT
      • SAP Cloud Platform for Hana Embedded Analytics Cloud ? SAC
        • SAC Analytics Designer for modelling of Stories in Fiori 3
          • Models ? Transactional Data
          • Dimensions ? Master Data
          • Restricted and calculated Dimensions
          • Explorer for Data slices and dice
        • Workflow
        • Value Driver Tree
        • Supply Chain Reporting and planning
        • Salesforce integration using API
        • Ariba integration using API
        • Cloud for Customer integration using API
        • Machine Learning for the following scenarios ML
          • Python - ML
          • Invoice verification
          • Forecasting based on trained Dataset
          • Accruals Automatization based on training
          • Master Data Rule Validation - MDG
        • Advanced Planning
          • Analytics Models
          • Dimensions & Measures
          • Comments
          • Key Performance Indicators for planning KPI
          • Advanced Formulas
          • Scripting for Calculated / Restricted measures
          • Compare real time actuals, plan, and simulations
          • What If Simulation
          • Value Drives Trees
        • Consolidated Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss, Changes in Equity, Cash Flow, Liquidity, Comprehensive Income
        • Drill Drown from Smart KPI to most detailed Source Data in Fiori
        • Geometrics Analysis for Segments / Sales Regions using Spatial
          • Actuals and quotations
          • Actual Planned Margin
        • Adobe Interactive Forms using Adobe Document Service ADS
        • Hana Predictive Library PAL for social media analysis ? Facebook
        • Hana Cloud tables for flexible reporting of stories
          • Table extensions to adapt the user defined reports
          • Using Hana Synonyms to define Business Terms
        • Digital Board Room with Dashboard Cockpit
          • International Communication Business Standard iCBS
        • Business Content ? SAP Best Practice company
        • Profitability and Performance Management ? PaPM
        • Estimated Cash Flow Preparation ? ECP
          • Actuarial Granularity - ACG
          • Best Estimated Cash Flow - BECF
        • Data Services ? BO DS / BODS
        • Custom Dashboard for global harmonized Smart KPI with Workflow for Approval
        • Combination of SAC with Fiori & MS Power BI for the following KPIs
        • The new wrangling predictive planning functionality iSAC
          • Assets
          • Assets - Plant Maintenance view
          • Project
          • Purchase
          • Full Time Equivalence ? FTE from HCM
          • Cost of Goods Sold
          • Sales Forecast
          • Margin Analysis
          • Revenue Recognition
          • Accruals Analysis
          • Capex
          • Opex
          • Cash
          • Liquidity
          • Investments
          • HCM variable & Fixed Cost
          • Profitability and Performance Management ? PaPM
            • Fund Transfer Pricing -Simulation and Calculation
            • Margin for Interest - -Simulation and Calculation
          • Days Outstanding
          • Availability Rate
          • Dead Stock reduction
          • Warehouse & Inventory
          • General Cost Reduction
          • Cost to Serve
          • Freight Cost Rate
          • Freight Cost
          • Sales Orders Delivery Time
          • Customer Satisfaction
          • Head Count Reduction
          • Overtime Cost Reduction
          • Tender Optimalisation
          • Vendor Evaluation
SAP S/4 Hana
HANA Migration
1 Jahr
2018-01 - 2018-12

? Financial Planning and Reporting ? S/4 Hana Finance

Technical consultant SAP S/4HANA BW BPC SAP S/4HANA HANA ...
Technical consultant
  • SAP S/4Hana Finance 1709 ( FI, CO, PCA)
  • Hana Views
  • CDS Views
  • Hana BW for SAP Financial Reporting
  • aDSO, Composite Providers, Aggregation Levels, Queries
  • Hana native for special details topics non SAP Reporting
  • Unions, Joins, Calculation Views
  • Analysis for Office for Planning Data Entrees and Reporting
Innogy, Dortmund
9 Monate
2017-04 - 2017-12

Implementation of the new optimized integrated planning

Technical consultant
Technical consultant
  • Consolidation of Investments (COI) for IFRS and HGBSegment Consolidation
  • Consolidated Cash Flow Planning ( Direct and indirect Cash Flow)
  • SAP S/4 Hana 1610 development
  • SAP S/4HANA Finance and Logistics (FI. AA, CO,SD, MM )
  • Central Finance integration for data from subsidaries
  • CDS Views for data from SAP S/4Hana finance

BW/4Hana :

  • Composite InfoProviders, Advanced DSO, transformations
  • Very detailed reference Data in aDSOs (e.g. Sales, Purchase ) for use in Planning
  • Planning in BPC for S/4HANA with integration to BW/HANA
  • Integration in new planning and consolidation processes in S/4HANA enviroment
  • Legal and Management consolidation using BPC for S/Hana consolidation business rules

Planning Objects:

  • Aggregation levels, planning filters, planning sequences
  • Planning functions using FOX programming including reading reference data from aDSO
  • Hana BEX input and reporting queries with restricted and calculated key figures
  • Data Input and reporting using BO Analysis for Office (AfO)
  • Fiori for Web report
Dr. Schneider Group in Kronach (DE)
7 Monate
2016-09 - 2017-03


Technical consultant
Technical consultant
  • InterCompany Elimination
  • Direct Cash Flow Planning for Consolidated Entities
  • SAP S/4 Hana Finance 1610

BW Hana :

  • Composite InfoProviders with aDSO

Hana native:

  • Attribute-, Analysis- and Calculation views using SQLScript
  • CDS Views for data takeover
  • Planning in BPC for S/4Hana  with integration to S/4Hana Finance
  • Integration in existing planning processes
  • Aggregation levels, filters, planning sequences
  • BPC custom planning logic using FOX programming
  • Planning Types with ABAP OO
  • Hana BEX input queries for AfO
  • Data Input and reporting using BO Analysis for Office
  • BO reporting
  • Using BO Design Studio 4.2 for integration with Hana
  • Firoi for Web Report
Novartis in Holzkirchen (DE)
7 Monate
2016-02 - 2016-08


Functional/ technical consultant
Functional/ technical consultant
  • Data extraction from SAP (FI, CO, PCA, PS, PP, SD , MM) to Hana BW 7.5 and embedded BPC
  • Hana BW modelling aDSOs and Composite Providers
  • Hana Native for detailed Car Parts for Cost Calculation and simulatation
  • Calculation views
  • Attributes- / Analysis- Views
  • SQL script
  • Hana Composite views for Reporting and Data Entry
  • BPC embedded customizing
  • Aggregation Levels, Filters, Sequences
  • Complex FOX programming for Planning
  • Logic
  • Planning Types with ABAP OO
  • Authorization in Hana, BW and BPC
  • Data Input using BO Analysis for Office integrated BEX input queries
  • BO reporting using BO Design Studio 4.1 and Web reports BO Webi
Volvo Car in Goteborg (SE)
3 Monate
2015-11 - 2016-01

Legal consolidation in US-GAAP and IFRS

Functional/ technical
Functional/ technical
  • Business Analysis and Implementation legal consolidation using BPC embedded with HANA

Creating Hana Objects:

  • aDSO , Aggregation Level, Compositete Provider
  • BW Data take over from SAP ERP FI , CO
  • Business Logic usng Planning and Consolidation Modeller
  • Analysis for Office based on BW Queries
Dialog Semiconductor in Stuttgart (Germany)
8 Monate
2015-04 - 2015-11

Functional / Technical design, implementation

Functional/ technical consultant
Functional/ technical consultant

Hana native development in Hana Studio for exams processing and monitoring

  • Hana tables for storing, labelling and assessment (results) of exams.
  • Hana views for reporting related to the details status of the assessments
  • Calculation revenues and costs (different prices with discount rules in different countries and related currencies) using SQLScript

Hana BW

  • BW advanced DSO to store the aggregated data of the revenue, cost and exams assessments (results) using transformation rules
  • Historic and current transactional data from ECC GL, COPA and PCA to BW
  • BW BEX queries for integration BO reporting
  • BO Design studio for BO reports

BPC embedded for preparing the Financial Cambridge Assessment reporting pack

  • Planning, Budget and actual data for Cash Flow, OPEX and CAPEX and KPIs
  • BPC Models with Dimensions integrated with BW
  • Aggregation levels, filters and sequences
  • Planning business logic using FOX formulas
  • Custom planning functions using ABAP OO
  • Manual input using BO Analysis for Office based on BEX queries
  • Reporting BO Design Studio 4.1
  • Web reports using BO Webi
Cambridge University in Cambridge (UK)
2 Monate
2015-03 - 2015-04


Trainer and updating training SAP material for BPC 10.1
Trainer and updating training SAP material for BPC 10.1
  • BPC 420 (Administration) - update
  • BPC 430 (Planning and Reporting) - update
  • BPC 440 (Consolidation) - update
  • BPC 450 embedded BPC topics:
  • New Planning features for  BPC 10.1
  • Netweaver BW 7.4 SP 10
  • Integration master data using BW InfoObjects
  • Plan InfoCubes ( BPC Models) with activation of audit trail
  • Aggregation level (RSPLAN) and filters for BPC InfoCubes
  • Planning functions and sequences
  • Manual input BO Analysis for Office using input BEX queries
  • Planning business logic using FOX formulas
  • Hana ABAP OO Managed Database Procedures (AMDP)
  • Reporting using BO Design Studio  
SAP in Walldorf (Germany) BPC Training
5 Monate
2014-10 - 2015-02

PC Modelling

Functional/ technical SAP BPC 10 consultant
Functional/ technical SAP BPC 10 consultant
  • BPC Modelling, dimensions and members with properties to provide a solution as near as possible to the IFRS starter kit
  • BPC adaptions for BPC accounts, entities and consolidation group
  • BPC adaptions for Business rules, Logic Script, controls and ownership hierarchy
  • Historic and current transactional data take over from ECC FI, CO and PCA
  • Financial planning (Cash Flow, Investment Capex, Opex)
  • Business Rules for consolidation, currency translation and allocations
  • EPM Input schedules
  • BO Webi reports
British Council in London (UK)
10 Monate
2014-01 - 2014-10

BPC environment

Functional/ technical SAP BW BPC 10.1 embedded consultant
Functional/ technical SAP BW BPC 10.1 embedded consultant
  • Different top-down planning for sales-, electricity-, revenue- and cost- scenarios based on different assumptions (Monthly Best Estimates) for 5-year planning horizon.
  • BPC environments, planning BW Info Cube, InfoObjects with attributes
  • Actual data take over and reconciliation from SAP ECC (FI, CO, SD, MM, PCA, HR) to BW
  • Aggregated transactional data takeover from BW to BPC using transformation rules
  • Planning aggregation levels, planning filters and planning sequences
  • BPC standard Planning functions
  • FOX formulas for custom planning functions
  • ABAP OO for special functions like Top Down distribution
  • BW Bex queries for BO reporting
  • Manual Planning using BO Analysis for Office for data input
  • Reporting in Business Objects Data Service (BODS) and Design Studio 4
  • BO Webi reports based on Bex queries
  • Integrated performance tuning and optimisation
  • Testing (using Quality Centre) including hands-on functional and Technical issue solving including reconciliation
  • Authorisation for the whole process in Hana, BW and BPC
United Utilities in Warrington (UK)
9 Monate
2013-05 - 2014-01

Implementation HANA BW

Functional/ technical consultant
Functional/ technical consultant
  • Different top-down planning scenarios based on different assumptions for the cost and revenue for the business streams mining, oil and commodities

Hana studio for development of native Hana

  • Hana tables for detailed data for detailed mining and commodity data
  • Hana (Attribute -, Analysis- and Calculation-) Views for reporting
  • Business Logic in Hana for detailed data using SQL
  • Business Logic for detailed bottom-up scenarios for production margins, quantities, revenue, contracts, cost for commodities (mining e.g. uranium, gold, copper), oil, gas, production quantities, production cost, production and storage cost, currency translation, prices in different currencies)

BW for integration and aggregation

  • Actual data take over from SAP ECC (FI, CO, SD, MM) to BW
  • Aggregation of detailed data in Hana in BW InfoProviders and DSO
  • Aggregation and harmonization of these data streams in BW
  • BW reporting using BW queries
  • BO Design studio

BPC 10.1 Embedded (as Ramp Up)

  • BW Aggregation Levels using BW InfoCubes
  • BPC Environment with Models and Dimensions integrated with BW
  • Planning functions with planning filters in planning sequences
  • Custom Planning Functions using FOX programming
  • FOX programming used also in combinations with ABAP OO (BADI) due to performance issues for the different bottom-up scenarios
  • BW input BEX Queries for use in BO reports and BO Analysis for Office
  • BO Analysis for Office integrated with BW BEX Queries for
  • Reporting using BO Design Studio and BO Webi reports
Petronas in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
9 Monate
2012-09 - 2013-05

Functional/ Technical design of the BPC 10

senior solution architect as functional/ technical SAP BPC 10
senior solution architect as functional/ technical SAP BPC 10
  • Consolidation of Actuals
  • Detailed Business Blueprint
  • Customizing of the BPC Legal Consolidation Model
  • Integration BW Master Data
  • Transactional data SAP ECC (FI, CO, CO-PA, PCA) transferred to BW
  • The actual data in BW is aggregated and harmonized with BPC
  • The actual data is taken over in BPC using transformation rules
  • Business Rules (Elimination and Adjustments, Account Calculation)
  • Programming in Script Logic
  • Control Monitor with extensive controls
  • Consolidation Monitor for currency translation and consolidation
  • EPM Reports and input templates
  • EPM Reports for BS, P&L, Cash Flow, KPIs, CAPEX.
  • Hand over to ABB key users
  • Achievement: New financial and consolidation process for ABB using BPC
ABB in Vasteras (Sweden)
8 Monate
2012-01 - 2012-08

Functional/ Technical design of the BPC 10 NW solution

senior functional/ technical SAP BPC NW 10
senior functional/ technical SAP BPC NW 10
  • Consolidation Financial Statements for IFRS
  • Optimized Integration / harmonisation with financial planning
  • Planning financial KPIs
  • IC Matching
  • Consolidation of Investment
  • Cash flow Statement
  • KPIs
  • Scrip logic for planning functions
  • Master Data including ownership hierarchy
  • EPM Input schedules and reporting
  • Hand over to internal EON support
EON in Düsseldorf (Germany)
10 Monate
2011-03 - 2011-12

Functional/ Technical design of the BPC 7 NW release

senior solution architect functional/ technical
senior solution architect functional/ technical
  • Consolidation Financial Statements for US-GAAP and IFRS
  • Consolidation of Investment
  • Cash flow Statement
  • Rolling Forecast (CAPEX, OPEX, KPIs)
  • Dataflow from SAP ECC Finance new ledger in BW and BPC
  • Historic actual consolidated data take over in BW and BPC
  • Integration / harmonisation with financial planning

Specific Activities in BPC NW:

  • Design data model: Application sets, applications (Legal, Ownership, Rate).
  • Optimization dataflow in BW to BPC
  • Data Manager with using transformation with conversion of data
  • Transactional and Master data loading from BW Info Providers using packages
  • Balance Carry Forward, currency translation, inter unit elimination, automatic adjustments
  • Business Rules for Consolidations and Currency Translation
  • Script logic
  • Journals
  • EPM EVDRE Reporting
ASML in Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
1 Jahr 3 Monate
2010-01 - 2011-03

Finalizing the implementation of BW with the new BPC 7 release

senior functional/ technical SAP BW and BPC consultant
senior functional/ technical SAP BW and BPC consultant
  • Consolidation Financial Statements of National Central Banks  
  • Financial forecast & Planning
  • Financial Accounting (internal)
  • Dataflow from BW with SAP ECC finance (new GL, AP, AR)
  • Monetary income planning and long term forecast
  • BCS sourcing for actual and historic data for BW and BPC

Hands-on Activities in BW and BPC

  • Data Model: Application sets, applications, dimensions, packages. properties, measures
  • Optimization of dataflow in BW to BPC
  • Data Manager with using transformation with conversion of data
  • Transactional and Master data loading from BW Info Providers using packages
  • Balance carry forward, currency translation, inter unit elimination
  • Automatic adjustments and validations
  • Script logic
  • ABAP OO development for performance intensive requirements like scenarios for monetary income for different planning scenarios
  • Input schedules / journal in excel using EPM EVSND
  • Reporting: BPC EVDRE

Additional SAP modules used in all processes:

  • SAP NetWeaver and BW as backend
  • SAP PI for data exchange with the European National Central Banks
  • BEX reporting
European Central Bank in Frankfurt (Germany)
1 Jahr 6 Monate
2008-07 - 2009-12

Legal Consolidation new ABN-AMRO Bank (ABN)

senior functional/ technical Business Planning and Consolidation
senior functional/ technical Business Planning and Consolidation
  • Implementation of Risk / Basel II / Liquidity management based on DNB requirements
  • Short term Liquidity/Cash Management
  • Parallel consolidation run and reconciliation for current structure and new ABN
  • Reconciliation Royal Scottish Bank (RBS) and ABN
  • Detailed business analysis for the new ABN-AMRO bank
  • Analysis of the dataflow including SAP
  • Redesign to demerger RBS bank
  • Preparation merger Fortis Bank
  • Dataflow from SAP R/3 (FI/CO) to BW 7
  • Reporting with BPC EPM

Activities BPC: 7 NW (ramp up project)

  • Data Model: Application sets, applications, dimensions, packages. properties, measures
  • Optimization dataflow within BW to BPC
  • Data Manager with using transformation with conversion of data
  • Transactional and master data loading from BW Info Providers using packages
  • Currency translation
  • Inter Unit elimination
  • IFRS consolidation (Balance Carry Forward, Consolidation of Investments, ?)
  • Management segment consolidation
  • Work Status
  • Business Rules and Logic Script
  • Input schedules / journal in excel using EPM
ABN-AMRO Bank in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
10 Monate
2007-10 - 2008-07

Enhancements / Extensions / Support

senior SEM BCS 6 / BI-IP / BW 7 functional / technical consultan
senior SEM BCS 6 / BI-IP / BW 7 functional / technical consultan
  • Legal (IFRS) and Management Consolidation
  • Actual and plan data harmonisation
  • Integration SAP R/3 IS_Retail (AFS) (FI, CO, SD, MM)
  • Optimizing consolidation and planning processes


Functional and technical design, realisation, test, Go Live

Special topics:

  • BCS Customizing

Standard measures as:

  • Proportional consolidation
  • Consolidation of Investments
  • Custom measures for AFS integration
  • BI-IP Customising
  • ABAP Function Modules
  • FOX Formulas
  • BEX input queries and reporting
  • Web Reporting
Hugo Boss in Metzingen (Germany)

Aus- und Weiterbildung

3 Jahre 10 Monate
1980-09 - 1984-06

Wirtschaft Informatik

Master, Universität Amsterdam
Universität Amsterdam

Informatics with Economics


  • Sap Berater / Entwicklickwe
  • Sap Hana 
  • Sap Hana Cloud
  • Sap Cloud Analytics
  • Sap S/4 Hana
  • BW
  • BPC
  • Fiori





Cloud Analytics
Group Repoting
SAP S/4 Hana Cloud

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

Azure Cloud
SAP s/4 Hana Migration
SAP Analytics Cloud SAC


  • Senior functional & technical consultant for end-to-end processes SAP S/4 Hana Finance Report To Report & Financial Planning & Analysis, Reporting and Planning with Predictive Planning and Legal & Management Group Reporting SAP S/4 Hana brownfield migrations & implementation in multi-countries and -cloud using SAP best practice & activate methodology.

  • Excellent team player always focused on working close together in an agile way with the client to design and develop the best solution.

Design / Entwicklung / Konstruktion

Group Reporting
SAP S/4 Hana


  • Bank 
  • Automotive 
  • Versicherung
  • Utilities
  • Phamacy
  • Robotics

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