Hands-on Software Engineering, devising and delivering distributed architectures, technical leadership with focus on languages on the JVM.
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Berlin (+20km)
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5 Jahre 5 Monate
2018-04 - heute

development expertise

Tech Principal
Tech Principal
  • Metaflow provides application development expertise for both green-field andscaling-up phases of a product
on request
Berlin Area, Germany
8 Jahre 4 Monate
2015-05 - heute

Open Bank Project

Sr. Tech Advisor Scala Lift virtualization with Docker ...
Sr. Tech Advisor

  • The Open Bank Project is the global standard and open source API solution forOpen Banking since 2010.
  • Under this umbrella I am working with global financial institutions to integratethe OpenBank tech stack, advise on technologies and product initiatives andguide the API design&implementation and integration with 3rd party financialproducts

Scala Lift virtualization with Docker REST JSON
Berlin Area, Germany
2 Jahre 10 Monate
2020-09 - 2023-06

Supply chain ordering and inventory management tools

Sr. Software Engineer, Technology Consultant Apache Kafka Kafka Streams Kotlin ...
Sr. Software Engineer, Technology Consultant

  • Core development responsibilities, working on data-driven supply chain services and tools for supply, demand, inventory ordering and management across several markets and brands. 
  • I was part of several teams in the Procurement domain, having key contributions to backend services, APIs and tools used by procurement business teams in multiple markets. 
  • Also responsible for mentoring team members on architecture, design and implementation.
  • Architecture: message-driven services connected with data pipelines exposing Data and HTTP APIs for further aggregation and web tools.

Apache Kafka Kafka Streams Kotlin Spring Boot JOOQ Postgres OpenAPI API design Ktor Mockk JWT Kubernetes AWS build & test automation with Helm Gradle Pact CI/CD GitHub Actions Rust bash
HelloFresh GmbH
4 Monate
2020-03 - 2020-06

Location Analytics Data Product

Technology Consultant Java 11 Python
Technology Consultant
  • Backend Engineering, working on Location Analytics Data Product for Immoscout's B2B Market
Java 11 Python
6 Monate
2019-06 - 2019-11

Premium Dating Platform

Technology Consultant RabbitMQ Kafka Java 11 ...
Technology Consultant
  • Architecting, developing and shipping several services part of Spark's premiumdating platform
RabbitMQ Kafka Java 11 Spring Boot
Spark Networks
1 Jahr
2018-06 - 2019-05

Airy Premium Messaging Platform

Technology Consultant Java 11
Technology Consultant

  • Developing a next generation real-time multi-tenant messaging platform basedon Kafka Streams and running in the cloud.
  • Kafka Streams based architecture running on Kubernetes andhosted AWS, Java 11, service-based architecture with Spring Boot

Kafka Streams Kafka Spring Boot
Java 11
Airy GmbH
1 Jahr 2 Monate
2017-10 - 2018-11


Independent Technology Consultant Scala Kotlin Java 10 ...
Independent Technology Consultant
  • Mobimeo is a mobility platform and a range of products built for urban commuters in Germany and Europe.
  • Having been part of the project from an early stage, I have been a core contributor to starting-up and shaping of the Multi-modality product, from its inception to its shipping to production.
  • I have driven all major technical decisions, design, tech stack and implementation as well as mentoring junior team members, on-boarding new team members and ensuring consistency when developing new features.
Spring Boot reactive extensions
Scala Kotlin Java 10 ReactJS
Mobimeo GmbH
1 Jahr 5 Monate
2016-05 - 2017-09

multi-brand platform and product upgrade

Independent Technology Consultant Java 8 Spring Boot Spring Data ...
Independent Technology Consultant

Working on a major multi-brand platform and product upgrade initiative, moving to a microservice architecture running in the cloud and scaling the product to new geographies. The major building blocks are setting-up a Continuous Build & Delivery pipeline, building all platform services and delivering the first major user-visible features on the new platform, all running in the cloud and under automation. 

  • Driven all major technical decisions from selecting CI/CD technologies to design and implementation
    • The technology selected for the CI is Jenkins 2 Pipelines using the Jenkins DSL for automating job creation across all projects
    • The tech choice for Continuous Delivery is Spinnaker (http://spinnaker.io), empowering dev teams to deploy and operate the micro-services infrastructure at scale.
  • I've had central contributions designing and developing all microservice-based building blocks using Spring Cloud and the Netflix stack for Discovery Services using Eureka, Config Service, API Gateway using Zuul, all following the twelve-factor app principles
  • Led the development of infrastructure services.
  • Major contributions to developing and shipping business-critical services on the new platform
  • Infrastructure: AWS services managed via Spinnaker
  • Lead and delivered a major product upgrade, offering state of the art search and discovery capabilities for members
  • Built several services in the search&discovery area, all relying on Elasticsearch integrated with Spring Data and running in the cloud
AWS Rekognition AWS Lambda
Java 8 Spring Boot Spring Data Spring Data REST Spring REST Docs Netflix Zuul Netflix Eureka Spring Cloud Spring Security JWT AWS Elasticsearch DynamoDB Spring Batch
Affinitas GmbH
9 Monate
2015-10 - 2016-06

Insuretech Platform

Independent Technology Consultant Java Angular
Independent Technology Consultant
  • Working on a greenfield insurance platform in the area of digitizing existing insurances and offering easy and transparent access to newly purchased insurance products.
  • Responsible for designing and building the backend API services using RESTful principles, HATEOAS and a microservice-based service architecture.
  • Responsible for building the admin frontend.
  • URL's on request
Spring Boot Spring Data Spring Data REST Spring REST Docs Netflix Zuul Netflix Eureka Spring Cloud Spring Security Postgresql MongoDB AngularJS HTML CSS AWS
Java Angular
Okotta Germany GmbH
1 Jahr 4 Monate
2014-01 - 2015-04

mobile.de Marketplace Platform

Head of Consumer Technology
Head of Consumer Technology
  • Technical lead for several group initiatives. Heading several teams acrossbackend, web and app development, part of the Consumer Technology stack
  • Successfully initiated and subsequently led the mobile.de web platformtransformation towards a microservices-based architecture and modern webapplications
  • Running Hack Week, a joint engineering&product innovation initiative
  • Participated hands-on during hack events as coder
  • Technical leadership within the Tech Council, the internal Sr. engineeringgroup of mobile.de
Java 7/8 continuous integration REST scalable services
mobile.de GmbH
2 Jahre 1 Monat
2011-12 - 2013-12

eBook platform

VP Engineering Java 1.7 JEE Javascript
VP Engineering
Leading five development teams across backend, web and apps to deliver txtr?s eCommerce eBook platform and cloud reading services.
  • Provide technical leadership for mainly the web and backend teams
  • Committer to the backend code-base
  • Coordinate feature integration between engineering teams
  • Led the efforts towards performance enhancements on the backend services
Spring CI/CD
Java 1.7 JEE Javascript
Txtr GmbH
2 Jahre 6 Monate
2009-07 - 2011-12

Location Based Services

Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer
Leading the design and implementation of several backend components within the Nokia Location Based Services portfolio:
  • Ovi Check-in
  • User Generated Content Management service
  • User Content Moderation service
  • Nokia Places web service API
  • Line management responsibilities
  • In charge of the design, implementation and delivery of scalable services used daily by millions of Nokia customers.
  • Innovating the Nokia LBS stack with a product that improves the quality and accuracy of the Places Database from idea to design to delivering it by the team I lead throughout the process.
  • Working in an agile environment and taking advantage of continuous integration, short dev cycles and rapid production deployment
  • Focused on software engineering and producing quality software, mentoring team members.
Java 1.6 Spring 3.x Hibernate REST SOA MySQL locationbased technologies

Aus- und Weiterbildung

6 Jahre 1 Monat
1991-06 - 1997-06

Electrical Engineering

MSc., University Transilvania, Brasov, Romania
University Transilvania, Brasov, Romania


  • Tech Principal



Kotlin Java Spring Kafka Applikationsarchitektur SystemArchitektur Python TypeScript AWS Continuous Integration Kubernetes Docker Testautomatisierung

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

I am a seasoned Software Engineer, Technical Lead and hard-core coder. I advise on software architectures, building and ramping-up technology teams and products.
  • Extensive experience developing & shipping MVPs and scalable products
  • 20+ years software engineering experience, cloud technologies
  • Experience starting-up, scaling, mentoring tech teams


  • Hands-on Software Engineering
  • devising and delivering distributed architectures
  • technical leadership with focus on languages on the JVM

Top Skills

  • Distributed Systems
  • GitHub
  • Architectural Design


Spring Boot

Design / Entwicklung / Konstruktion

Design, implementation and roll-out

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